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104 between Sept 15th to Oct 15th 2014. 12 last Friday of Q3-2014 alone. 30 more late May 2015. Firings, forced resignations, but never layoff.

30 people were "culled from the heard" the week of May 18th 2015. Additionally from September 15th to October 15th, 2014 approx 104 people "departed", globally. Two on my team in that period, at least 12 on the last Friday of Q3 2014 - that's not "Performance Related"!

When someone's terminated, HR has to do it, benefits updated, payroll notified, equipment accounted for and returned, email/domain access cut-off... There's dedicated distribution lists and those people talk. I heard the same number from multiple primary sources across different departments for the Sept/Oct 2014.


Interactive doesn't call it a layoff. Some people are outright fired without warning, others forced to resign in a variety of ways. One popular method is a "Performance Plan" that includes language like "Unfortunately we don't think you'll be successful with this plan which will result in your termination. We'd encourage you to strongly consider an alternative and that is to resign. We're sure you recognize a voluntary resignation will look better than a termination to prospective employers ... you must render your decision in 3 business days". This is for employees who've never received negative feedback - this is the FIRST conversation/warning about ANY short-comings. No performance review, no informal "you should work on this, you could've done that better". Again, with multiple people on a team, a dozen in a day or 5% of the company in a month - at the end of the quarter - it's not about performance. Sorry, but don't lie about it too!

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Wow, these comments are exactly what happened to me in January. Good review last fall, positive conversations with my VP in early Jan. Mid Jan, I was told "the company is re-structuring and your position has been impacted". No prior warning, email shut off two hours later. Treated like a criminal. Then a very similar job was posted three weeks later. I was one of the older folks to be laid off, but I heard 300 were let go. My lawyer says it is almost impossible to prove age discrimination with that many let go. Reading these comments show me that this is something they've been doing for years...

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They are letting 300 go this week. Police in the building to "escort" the terminated. They read you a script with HR present while they terminate you. You might have even been recently given a pay raise with high recommendations, that won't matter. Hi{insert name}, I'm sorry but the company is going in a different direction and as a result we will no longer be in need of your position..

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Received a promotion in October with a pay raise followed by a good review in March which also included a raise then came May 19th and I was laid off with no prior warning. I was given the reason they were going in a different direction but I see they are advertising for the exact job I just lost. I did get a severance pay but that did little to soften the blow. Being escorted out of the building like a common criminal was embarrassing.

It is my belief they keep posting new jobs while secretly laying off employees so it looks like the company is constantly expanding. Plus, they can hire in new people cheaper than keeping the experienced worker.

They keep getting voted Best Place To Work. Maybe those survey people need to talk to some recently released employees to get the real scoop. Yes, they offer good perks but once they're done with you, they're done. You can't even get HR to answer a simple question regarding the severance pay. (how about sending me a copy of the pay stub so I know why so much was deducted instead of making me guess).

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They have always lied to me, I left a couple of years ago, never looked back

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