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cclass action lawsuit - hp age discrimination

I see that some employees are filing a class action lawsuit against HP. I was laid off after 31 years with HP/EDS. I suspect it was age related. I just found this website and submitted my information. http://hpagediscriminationinvestigation.com/

25 Years and Out

Sounds paradoxical, but after 25 years I couldn't get out of HP fast enough, the place is an absolute textbook example of how to destroy a great business, over complicate everything, make it extraordinarily difficult to spend money with them, and... read more

Good Bye HPI

I left HPI (HP Inc) a few months ago. Best decision I've ever made. I resigned because it was no longer worth it. I have a new job now and a lot more to be thankful for. Almost double the salary and 1/3 of the work. It's a win win situation. My... read more

No Longer a Customer

For the first time since 1982, I am no longer an HP customer. My last remaining HP product, a multifunction printer, died, and I replaced it with a non-HP brand. I cannot support a company that treats its employees so badly. I feel a bit conflicted... read more
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Median Employee Age at HP



Just heard from a recruiter that HP is indeed leaning towards hiring contractors and continue to layoff permanent workers.


Blackstone will buy Mphasis from HP, you know what happens when Blackstone rolls in? Yes, you guessed right, layoffs.

My colleague was laid-off on 14th mar

I am working in India and my colleague in US ( He is an American) got laid off on 14th Mar 2016. He was given only 2 weeks notice period. I feel very sorry for him.

Hp One Run Program

The HP One Run needs help they have no idea how to run it. They increased the amount of mangers for my team from 2 to 4. And realigned a bunch of teams to make a big mess. So now instead of reporting to the BUR (Backup and Recovery) Manager like I... read more
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Our own internal IT help desk is outsourced.

I can't understand what they're f---ing saying when I call myIT for help. One time, they returned my call at 2 AM Pacific Time. Why can't we have L1 tech support here? They don't even know what they're doing.

Jumped ship.

Didn't ask for a WFR, didn't ask for anything. Just grabbed a different job, and bailed from the sinking ship after 24 years. It feels good not having a sword hanging over my head. HP works hard to make you feel that you are being compensated well... read more

The Joys of #Outsourcing

On the HPE side I support three accounts. One is US-Support only so all of the team is spread around the United States. The other two accounts rely primarily on offshore support. Both are in Inida. First off, my customers are in the United States, so... read more

On Telecommuting and Layoffs at HPE

Now this is stupid, HPE wants us to go into the office even though NOT A SINGLE MEMBER OF THE TEAM IS IN THE OFFICE. We are all geographically distributed, different time-zones, etc. I have to put up with a 90 minute one way commute to be in the... read more

On HP Managers and Layoffs

Both HP and EDS will never learn from its past history! For one, it fixes its failed processes with new processes that are also failures. It moves it's management around instead of firing it's failed managers. Hardly anyone in a leadership role stays... read more

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