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HP Layoffs 2020

If the market makes a turn soon, do you think there will be HP Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Want to know how this will end?

Take a look at Conduent. Xerox bought ACS to expand services. Icahn spun it off after raiding Xerox to form Conduent. Now it's buried in debt. All Xerox employees that transferred are long gone. We are living through the final chapter of the HP &... —  read more 

This will not be pretty

I just went through the Xerox page on this forum and now I'm regretting that big time. If we thought things are bad here, there they seem to be at least two times worse. Now I'm left praying that this whole acquisition doesn't go through. Who... —  read more 


The HP employees who remain after restructuring will have to accept Xerox benefits.

As a Xerox Employee

I feel sorry for all the employees of HP. Our leadership team exists only for the short term goal of funneling money to Carl Icahn. The office is ruled by apathy and despair. Don't need large layoffs because people are quiting in large numbers every... —  read more 

HP Print Shanghai

All print R&D and QA is shutting down. Moving elsewhere. Anyone in the US better start looking....it's shutting down faster than anyone thought.

Lots of people are taking the early retirement offer

3 people in my department are taking the early retirement package. They will leave in February 2020. The retirement age was lowered to 50 for this round of offers. It use to be 55. It may start looking like a ghost town around here next year.

H1B visas

What are the chances that these layoffs are tied to the increase of H1B denials?

Let me get this right ...

The guy leading the failing printer business is replacing DW. Hmm, maybe DW was asked to find a health issue he needed to address? Maybe EL wasn’t being allowed to take these new “ bold and decisive” steps? People are usually replaced in these... —  read more 

San Diego-2 to 5 years max.

Rumors of Building 65 closing. Only one year left on lease. Remaining folks will move into Building 61. Guess where that will go....

A few ways that HP can be profitable again

HP just announced yet another round of layoffs. This has been going on for at least 10+ years now. The company that use to be the fore runner in new innovations is now just a producer of laptops and printers. Here are my ideas for HP to become... —  read more 

Another round of WFR


Wage freeze?

Hearing of rumors of wage freezes in print. How true is that?

New org

https://www.crn.com/news/channel-programs/crn-exclusive-hp-to-launch-new-organizational-structure-appoint-first-ever-chief-commercial-officer Looks like more WFR?

They are hiring!!!

Things must be picking up. Two new hires in my department announced today. Both CW's but that means there is work and HP can afford to hire more people. Print division.

CW furloughs

So far all the CW furloughs (in the print division) are to take place before the end of July 2019. Has any CW been asked to take off more time beyond the last day in July? The end of Q3 is at the end of July. Typically any word of WFR for regular... —  read more 

Layoffs this week?

What's going on? There was talk this week would be it in term of layoffs - has anything happen yet?

Is this the reputation HP wants?

All Contingent Workers (CW) on projects on the Print side of business are being furloughed for the month of July. Management thinks it is fine to cut out a month of a person's pay with no reason given, and then expects that same person to want to... —  read more 

Q3 HPQ layoffs subtly announced today

Enrique did it again today at print all employee meeting. Mentioned WFR and "difficult weeks" ahead. Promised the usual - compassion and integrity. Highlighted from another post. Run while you can —  read more 

Phased retirement

The Phased Retirement is fine if you plan on actually retiring but if you want to get another job, the ramp down screws up your ability to work full-time for someone else. You also risk getting a ramp down longer than you wanted (you don't get to... —  read more 

Layoffs started today

Today several people within GSB (print) got WFRs. I know for sure that this is happening at least in a couple of sites inside the United States. I know it varies from team to team. A few teams were more affected than others. I know of at least one... —  read more 

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