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How is this even going to work?

Those of us that are left are totally unable to keep up with anything but the most critical security fixes. There are only a handful of us. Support will continue to file bug reports on behalf of customers, but we have no engineers to assign... read more

Texas WARN Notice

Just an FYI - NOTICE_DATE: Friday, September 01, 2017 JOB_SITE_NAME: Oracle America, Inc. COUNTY_NAME: Travis WDA_NAME: Capital Area WDA TOTAL_LAYOFF_NUMBER: 108 LayOff_Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2017 WFDD_RECEIVED_DATE: Friday, September 01, 2017... read more

COBRA help for 9/1 RIF

7+ days into unanswered call to 3rd party COBRA provider on how to expedite enrollment. Can anyone help with any practical advice? I'm not subject to WARN so my benefits ended 9/1 . I know that COBRA for the 1st month is retroactive and fully funded... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 9/10/2017

A 30 person JDE engineering layoff in Denver reported this week. Total for this fiscal year remains at 7,000; 17,000 since 6/1/2016. Next expected major layoff is rumored to be enterprise sales, smaller layoffs will continue on a weekly basis here... read more

New Solaris pushed for next year

In news that is shocking to exactly no one, Oracle just published its new products roadmap that pushes Solaris to next year. In all honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it was scraped altogether after the latest layoffs. Who exactly is left... read more

Oracle job alternatives

I was looking around for job opportunities (whether I am next on a chopping block or not, I want to be prepared,) and ran into this list. Basically, what I got from it, if you want job security, join the army or anything related to it. There is no... read more

New Employee Training Improvements

OK, layoff training should be included to the new employee orientation. I can just see SC saying ", every new employee is advised to sign up for FedEx delivery notifications..."

Jd Edwards Denver layoffs

There was a round back on 8/22 that impacted about 20 people of 400 ... then perhaps another 10 or so this end in sight...i wonder about the future of the enterprise one product. Yup, this is not just a hardware and sales thing. Everyone is... read more

Oracle's cloud strategy

In case anybody's been wondering: It's a long, long, long interview, just warning in advance.

Oracle Exodus

Oracle will be super stupid if it thinks that those people who saw all their peers / managers / coworkers for 10+ years thrown out in that nasty way will actually trust Oracle and stay till the end

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose

Do you think any of the three stooges will donate their own money to the hurricane relief efforts for the sake of humanity? I doubt it, but I could be wrong. Please enlighten me.

Sales rep's lawsuit

Check out this story on El Reg, MJ's lawsuit against oracle for withholding sales commissions, referencing 1000's of otjer oracle sales reps with same issue. How are you going to hide this news LE?

Larry, Mark & Safra - New Equity Package - Sept 2017

Interesting read ... The SEC details were "just" filed

sca layoffs survivors ...

How is the campus these days? the massive layoff didn't leave many people. is it a ghost town? how It feels to walk in a building and do work with nobody in the building? Any assurance emails from the top management to convince you to stay beyond M8... read more

Layoffs Media Coverage

Here is what the searches returned as it relates to media coverage on the web. ARNNET -- ARSTECHNICA --... read more

Oracle Acquiring Accenture

Is this still a reasonable rumor? What are your thoughts?

Where does oracle stand?

So, where does oracle stand on DACA? Apples and MSFT among others have made clear they support their DACA employees including with legal support. Oracle remains silent as usual when DJT does something stupid and immoral. There is a pattern here.

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