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Unofficial official layoff report 2/4/2018

No major layoffs this past week. Total for FY18 remains at 7,775; since 6/1/2016 at 17,775. Expectations of significant layoffs to come before end of FY. Keep looking! And best of luck in your job searches !
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Layoff comming in EMEA & APAC Systems

Now that the systems organization new reorganizations been announced and the after getting rid of several SVP and VP levels is is the sales and sales consulting reductions. What is really happening is that Tech leadership (DK and LLG) been... read more

Its a Brave new Oracle June 2018 - Not rumors

I worked for an Oracle Platinum Partner, and I've been in meetings with MH twice. He is very proud of his cost cutting plans. In the summer of 2016 he got full approval to move forward with his Oracle Digital Plan. He was quite chummy with our... read more

Thread missing

There was post here earlier, and I don't see it anymore. Is someone deleting this posts? If so, why?

Oracle Product Devlopment Org Layoff for Q3

On 25th and 26th Jan some of the US employees were part of layoff. 29th and 30th Jan a lot of Indian employees are part if layoff. More are expected om 31st and 1st Feb. Note: If you get a sudden meeting invitation for a 1:1 with an improper or... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 1/28/2018

Another last Thursday of the month, another layoff at Oracle - the layoff machine is up and running again after the Holidays. Looks like 500 people this time in Fusion Apps, PeopleSoft and JDE. That brings the total YTD FY18 to 7,775; and the total... read more

New Layoffs

My sources tell me that there were layoffs last Friday at the old PeopleSoft campus. Reason given was that they opened a new office in Mexico in the same timezone with cheaper people. Anyone affected?

Is Solaris really dead?

Confused, as I see comments here that Oracle layed off every one... but then I still see Solaris developers tweeting, and now BLOGs about a new release coming soon? What’s the real story here?

Today layoffs in Fusion Apps Org

Couple of my friends got affected ., they are in financials Fusion Apps Org , surely there will be more people . They were told today morning by their manager Usual package as with every layoff

RG following the MH playbook

Looks like RG is taking one out of his mentor MH's playbook. Apparently he is having the same inappropriate relationship like the one that got NH thrown out of HP. There is only so long that HR/PR departments can keep something like this one quiet.

Oracle is absent..again!

--companies announced wage hikes, bonuses, benefits in afterglow of Trump tax reform ................... Anfinson Farm Store: $1k... read more

Give notice when going to competitor?

So looks like I’ve landed a gig with a cloud competitor to one of oracle’s offerings. Do I give notice with standard two weeks or is it safe to assume that when I give notice it will be my last day. My manager is a good person and I don’t want to... read more

Succession - what a joke

Management succession at oracle is a complete and total joke. Three old stooges running the company with nobody to take over, then again as they are running the company into the ground, there soon won’t be anything for anybody to take over. Plus... read more

Field Solutions Engineer

Anyone have any insight on field solutions engineers (formerly solutions consultants) in NAA? We went thru a transformation to make everyone demo monkeys with a centralized team responsible for even simple configuration for customer demos. Doesn’t... read more

Oracle Succession Plan Post -- who took it down?

That was a really good post. Who took it down? Censorship is as American as apple pie at Oracle it seems. Many posts keep disappearing. What's going on? We need to move this entire conversation to somewhere other than this shill-managed site. This is... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 1/21/2018

No major layoffs this past week. Total for FY18 YTD remains at 7,275; since 6/1/2016 at 17,275. Major changes coming. Keep looking for jobs outside of oracle and move on. Good luck all!
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Oracle PR or HR?

Please show me that I want to do business with Oracle not because I need to do business with Oracle. There are many choices, I buy stuffs because I want to not because I need to. I have yet met a customer that likes doing business with Oracle. Yes, I... read more

Solaris continuous delivery

It is true, just because you laid off doesn't mean solaris development has stopped. The proofs:

EU layoffs on February 28

28 Feb. is the last day of all the experienced engineers in EU. Only Romania survives. good luck to all. Does anybody know if this is true? Any more info on it? I've been trying to find where it came from, but I'm failing to find anything but this... read more

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