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many hush-hush hallway conversations confirming massive layoffs coming to the company very soon. The size and scale is unimaginable but the complete failure of cloud and the ERP products has major repercussions that must result in massive layoffs... read more

FAKE NEWS on this site

There are people posting about upcoming layoffs because they want their peers to panic, find another job, and quit. In their mind this will solidify their own job security. Don’t fall for it.

Dumb and dummer

The irony of oracle hard turn to cloud and abondonment of on-perm apps like Siebel, JDE, etc is that IT swings back and forth between centralized and decentralized and with the limitations of cloud becoming more obvious by the day, oracle could have... read more

ERP Cloud Layoffs??

Found in another post. Any truth to this? Netsuite will be ok for awhile. In fact most folks on the ERP side are quickly jumping ship and moving into Netsuite. ERP Cloud is a joke and is nothing but financial deals. There was a plan to throw as many... read more


I am planning to join Netsuite. Any layoffs in this GBU?

Oracle Layoffs in 2017

This only covers major layoffs, not stealthy ones that take place nearly all the time.

FY19 Oracle Zero (Not Coke Zero) is coming

A Group Vice President for Enterprise Cloud Architecture just got out of a meeting with HD who was proudly touting his plan for zero field Sales Consultants (Sales Engineers) in FY19. You heard that right. Everything is going to the hub in FY19. New... read more

Trick or treat at oracle

Well we know who gets treated at oracle: the useless senior execs who are grotesquely overpaid, and we know who gets tricked through all kinds of screwy incentive comp/ sales commissions plans. Oracle - the horror story

Regional bias towards EU ?

When folks in Amer and APAC are getting RIFed, how come the entire EU team is intact ? Is it because every single person in EU is more able and qualified than APAC and Amer ? I understand that EU layoff laws are stringent, but still stringent doesn't... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 10/29/2017

A small layoff in India this week, fewer than 10 people? The total for FY18 remains at 7,150 laid off; 17,150 laid off since 6/1/2016. Be well all and keep looking for better opportunities. Just a question of time till your number at oracle is up.

ORCL stock surges again

Bodes well for the Nov. ending quarter given what all the other big tech stocks have been reporting. I'd recommend loading up on ORCL and await your prize!

Oracle exec pay package slammed

Well, well, well, no surprise here: oracle new excessive executive pay package yet again slammed by ISS - share holder should vote against it. See Same old sh*t, rewards them for just existing rather than doing their jobs.

Should we spend more or less on lobbying?

Found an interesting article on how much money tech companies invested in lobbying so far this year, and Oracle is at the top with the highest increase and nearly $9 million spent so far this year. I'm really not sure where I stand on this. On one... read more

Reviews on Glassdoor

What is up with these reviews on Glassdoor??!! Someone would give Oracle 4 out of 5 rating but then say the only way to get a raise at Oracle is to leave and get rehired? management lacks people skills!! people list everything that a good company... read more

1018 Layoffs on October 31

Layoffs coming: 964 in Santa Clara and 54 in San Diego Effective on October 31 WARN notice available on the government's website:

Next round slated for Wednesday next week

Rumor has it more cuts are coming next week. Sign up for FedEx delivery to see if you have a fedex waiting for Wednesday Nov 1st. Oracle plans on winning the cloud war through software and machine learning. People are seen as error prone, costly and... read more

Cash cow

No matter how much oracle is trying to portray itself as a cloud company, it’s just another version of old IBM type IT company. As such it needs to be valued based on the cash flow from primarily - declining - support revenues plus some on-prem... read more

Job Postings

So what's the deal with all of the job postings? I click on the Open Positions on the lower right hand side of the internal page and have emailed the hiring managers and have not heard anything. I've probably applied to 20+ open positions and I've... read more

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