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Future Plans for HD's group

With his key folks like BS, AL leaving, RL and LW being pushed out, what happens to the ECA group? I have been approached about taking a hub position since it will be sure to be there. No matter how they sugarcoat it, it is still a demotion. I will... read more

CSMs moving to Europe?? Wth?

Found in another post. Please elaborate if you have more details. Why? Where? Who? Not looking forward to the comp call. This stress is none I have ever dealt with. What areas in Oracle is safe to move too? “I heard the same. The free model will... read more

CSM Comp Plans

Tomorrow is the big day where CSMs in RB org will be told their new comp plan for FY19. Rumor is they are taking away their bonus and leaving them with just base pay or slightly more. Is this possible? Basically a demotion? What things have you guys... read more

Cloud UX Butchered Today

JU org lost 20+ employees from the VP and directors all the way down the ranks. Most were just waiting for it to happen.

Where’s the layoffs announcement ?

Anyone seen the announcement from oracle about today’s layoffs ? Oh, I get it, as usual oracle is pretending it didn’t happen, so there was no public announcement. The three stooges being 5 year olds again - layoffs, what layoffs? You know anything... read more

ACS HW field engineers downgrade

for all those still doubtful about the future of all HW org (and I mean all... including ES) here is a fact: all the HW field eng in EMEA/APAC with a grade IC3 or IC4 have been downgraded to IC2. the roll out will depend on specific countriy's rules... read more

Length of non-solicit agreement

Could someone let me know what’s the length of the NSA after leaving Oracle in CA? I tried to find it but was not successful. Also, if layed off with a package, does it still start on the last date in the company? Thanks!

ODC shakeup

ODC org reorg, VP biz dev leaving or left already, 3 others gone. Fact. Rumor - this is the beginning of the larger reorg and rifs planned for August under TK.

impact of today's INTC news?

Any thoughts on what the INTC delays will mean for our systems group? See There were rumors posted on other threads about eliminating hardware development in... read more

The pressure in on for Q1 earnings

With the tremendous cloud growth and earnings reports from AMZN, MSFT and GOOG, as well as the last two disappointing earnings reports by ORCL, the pressure is on ORCL to deliver on Q1 earnings. AMZN had an amazing 49% growth in AWS, which already... read more

HR phone number

Hi: I was laid off last October. My new employer needs a letter stating my termination date with Oracle. Where can I get such a letter from Oracle? What is the HR phone number? Thanks. Todd

Why I work for Oracle

I had offers from lots of places but Oracle is the soul company with an ability to do on-prem cloud way more than any other company. On-prem cloud is the future of tech once the external cloud is no more and no other company can match Oracle's... read more

Interesting read
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Customer Success Dismantling?

Can someone explain what’s going on in Success? I heard it’s a paid service and free is just Care team? So we are making customer pay for Success now? That seems troubling.

intersting Oracle story
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Trillion dollar race

One is for sure, it’s not going to be oracle getting to $1Tr market cap, not 1st, or 2nd, or 3rd, or ever. You’re a loser LE! Eat your heart out!
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What mythical companies are these?

I see several people talking about companies that are willing to employ people over 50 and pay them appropriately for their experience and I keep wondering what these mythical companies are? I certainly haven't been able to find one and trust me when... read more

This is really sad

Saying youre the 5th largest cloud is like saying youre the 5th largest fast food restaurant. Its not so much as an accomplishment as a plaintive cry of desperation. No one is proud of working at Stuckeys on Route 28 in rural Tennessee. They do it... read more

Interviewed by Huffinton Post

A former colleague recommended me to a reporter who is doing an article about the corruption of businesses today. I spoke with her about what I witnessed during my tenure. Age discrimination, unethical sales, inaccurate financial reporting, etc. We... read more

The value of the two CEOs

With oracle’s stock going nowhere while competition MSFT, AWS doing great I have a simple question: what value are the two CEOs adding? Is there the possibility that their contributions could be negative, even before you take into account their... read more

Get Out of Oracle

The thing to realize is that the culture is going to go very quickly from bad to worse. As the cloud numbers don't improve, the layoffs will continue. Each group will be working to make sure someone else is laid off, not them. And within each group a... read more

Wanna do our own stack ranking?

We have all heard they have us ranked. Spreadsheets galore and now secondary ones too. Feel free to name your department and location and rank your highest or lowest. Just be descriptive which one you are ranking. Feel free to call out the best of... read more

Over 40 and 50 bias at Oracle Unfortunately this is happening here at Oracle. I was interviewing for spots on my team and wanted at least one person with seniority among all the college... read more

MSFT kicks oracle’s butt

MSFT at an all time high; oracle not so much. Could it be than one competent ceo is a heck of a lot better than 3 incompetent stooges and 2 overpaid incompetent CEOs? Just asking!

Things will get bad

The thing to realize is that the culture is going to go very quickly from bad to worse. As the cloud numbers don't improve, the layoffs will continue. Each group will be working to make sure someone else is laid off, not them. And within each group a... read more

Exodus of seasoned employees

Anybody noticed how many of seasoned employees are leaving Oracle on their own lately? I think everybody realized there is no future here for anybody in their fifties, so they are taking a proactive approach to it. I am just wondering how Oracle will... read more

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