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Unofficial official layoff report 5/6/2018

Looks like about 20 people were whacked in the commercial and ERP space this week. That brings the total for FY18 YTD to 8,750, and since 6/1/2016 to 18,750. End of FY coming quickly, keep looking for new jobs.

New plan to shrink the “expensive” Field sales sorg

Hearing that in order to reduce the sales force, the plan is to simply give field reps %50 credit for non-cloud sales, while keeping their quota the same as last year. Sales leadership figures its cheaper to have the reps quit than to pay severance.

TK selling his stock

Check Oracle's Investor Relations website and select "Financial Reporting" and then "SEC Filings." As you can see, TK has filed three Form 4s over the past week. Now, why would he be selling all of these shares if the Company is about to take over... read more

'subscription consulting model'.?

with such a high bench rate-- managers still telling wondering worry, coming Q1-19/ we will switch to 'subscription service' model -- so rather physically sending people to client sites, there will be x number of hrs. for each consulatnt to... read more

MH on CNBC Today

Nothing ever ceases to amaze me when I see MH BS his way through an interview. Here are some of his outrageous comments that are misleading at best. MH reiterates that Oracle will grow revs double digits this calendar year. Really??? Oracle has had... read more

Solaris is alive and well

Fake news is posted on this board as Solaris is alive and well and will be used for many more years by large established companies who are disinclined to move to Linux. Sure, if I were 22 years old and right out of college I wouldn’t want to take a... read more

Oracle APAC

Any information about Oracle APAC and changes and layoffs?
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Info ahead of layoffs

Since we all pretty much know by now that huge layoffs are coming at the end of next month, I thought this was a good thing to post right now. At least to know where to look for a new job and what to skip... read more

More cost cutting measures

Now, what I have heard is that they are going to take Oracle digital and start allowing the kids to travel. They get rid of the reps, SC's, and ECA's making about $150k base + bonus and replace them with kids that will make on average between base... read more

Big changes in Oracle Executive Management

Rumors are an announcement is coming soon about a dramatic change in senior management. Hints have been made here in the layoff forums and have been deleted because they may contain personal health related information. You can figure out the rest.

Heinous Transfer Policies at Oracle

Oracle doesn’t make transfers easy for anyone. HR doesn’t care one bit. The deck is totally stacked against the employee. The rules governing transfers at Oracle require you to notify your manager before you speak with any manager outside your group... read more

Lay offs confirmed for Thursday May 31st 2018

Interesting twist on the layoffs, new rumor is that Sun will be spun off to Fujitsu. Also field sales and field sales engineering are going to be let go. The Sun deal wont require layoffs as the majority of the employees will change hats. Field sales... read more

SEC strategy thread gone!

Site admin getting overly active - yet another thread gone! What’s with that ?! In any event, hopeful the SEC has time to take down the initials. Go get em!

Why Not Transfer People to Other Positions?

Why does Oracle layoff great people in one area without offering 60 days to apply for an internal shift to another group? It would seem to be financially prudent and then morally prudent for morale. Also are all the openings on Oracle Career Board... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 4/22/2018

No major layoff activity reported this week. Total for FY18 YTD remains at 8,730, and since 6/1/2016 at 18,730. FY year end approaching fast, get ready!
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When to expect if I’ll be laid off?

If there are layoffs at the end of Q4, when would one likely find out? Two weeks out? Thursday before? Any rumors on cloud sales engineers/solutions consultants in apps?

Oracle Solaris is 100% supported and alive

So much for all the FUD that Solaris is dead when it has a new roadmap which is detailed, predictable, and committed. Please now stop all this anti-Oracle rants that occur when these details are published as you simply do not have a clue.

What happened to the MH Voodoo Curse?

There was a hilarious post that someone who got laid off put a voodoo curse on MH. Apparently you can buy the curse online from a voodoo priest in Hati and this is why MH was sick and missed the CX summit last week. What happened to the post? That... read more

HDj group being hit

RG's directs have demanded that something be done to burn down the cloud credits financially engineered into deals of the past. HD was supposed to do this. HD, in a panic, is proposing a reorg where more 'ineffective' field jobs are move to the hubs... read more

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