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If you really want to hang on at Oracle

I have started recording all conversations I have without telling anyone. I am older with health problems. Get a digital recorder with a good microphone, something that works to 40 feet and you can put it in your pocket and still capture the... read more


Due to the re-organization, my team is to be merged under Oracle cloud infra and we have to eventually follow their own implementations if the OC.I head says so. So worst case, how does merging similar teams work? Target the higher management or... read more


Run away far as possible from this place.

Oracle: Cloud Quiet

With the last quarter's results out, we thought we would update this chart to see if Oracle's cloud services had slowed further, or made a turnaround. The problem is, we can't. Oracle has decided to fold its cloud services revenue in with its legacy... read more

Colorado Springs layoffs today

Confirmed. Various GBU units affected on the support side, so I'm sure it's not just the Springs that got hit today. The ones I've personally seen leave are the highly experienced, middle age, white men if that is an indicator of what is to come or... read more

HD Joining Infor

Confirmed with multiple ex-Oracle people at Infor that HD will be joining Infor to revamp and head up it's consulting organization and partner enablement. He has proposed an OEA-type program that CF has bought off on. Expect to see something before... read more

Help! Oracle has fallen and can't get up!

So this post is long overdue, but the final nail has been driven into the Oracle coffin. Oracle is nothing more than a collection of legacy technology acquisitions, the latest acquisitions aren't really integrated or extended, because there is... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 9/30/2018

looks like some 60 people got laid off from the Comms GBU, bringing the total since 6/1/2016 to 20,021. Expect more layoffs now that LE, MH, SC are not getting any stock awards due to failure to hit cloud targets and will be looking to generate more... read more

Clever Or Criminal you decide

Oracle operates like an intelligent criminal does. A criminal like that could choose to use their mind to do real work and could succeed in that way. But, the criminal looks instead, for ways to cheat the system, to screw people over for fun, to do... read more

FedEx Layoff Alert System - foiled.

Oracle has indeed noticed the use of FedEx delivery notices to tell when a layoff was going down the day before it actually happened. As a refresher for those new to the game... when Oracle creates a label for a FedEx shipment and you are the... read more

FANGO ?!?!

Yep, Oracle wants to be part of the FANG stocks and coat-tail the "O" for FANGO. This is not a joke, they are actually serious about this. More to come in Open World. I think they should've used all those energy coming up with "FANGO" in trying to... read more

RIF in Communications BU

~60 people across multiple product lines were let go today in NC, MA and even India. Clearly, this people paid with their jobs for the mistake that is Oracle cloud

LE 's protege is getting it ..why doesn't him?? ====='..Amazon Extends Tie up With Salesforce,..'======= Salesforce has signed agreements with the top 2 Cloud providers ( Amazon,Azure).. as most know, Marc Benioff... read more

Negative Outlook on Oracle

Announced today, S&P lowers Oracle's outlook to NEGATIVE from Stable because of aggressive BUYBACKS, minimal top line growth and a net cash position that was $14 Billion 12 months ago, but now down to only $2 Billion. LE, MH, SC, CW, DD, TK and The... read more

NA CSM - I quit after the all hands

Heard the all hands by CB and then the Ad S our VP in his, I am so happy I am leaving Oracle, this division is very clearly about to shut down. They even got a finance guy to talk about comp, the guy sounded more like a sales guy than a finance guy... read more

I was laid off last Jan 8th

I was laid off last Jan 8th along with hundreds of others that were > 40yrs old ! yes, the severance packet we received that we had to sign saying we wouldn't sue Oracle listed the ages of ALL employess laid off ! The true irony in all this was that... read more

The Motley Fool buy IBM over Oracle

Ouch! Oracle is so far behind on cloud that investors are better off betting on IBM’s resurgence than Oracle cloud growth. Talk about calling BS on oracle cloud and the 3 stooges. Well done!

Oracle is the new Enron?

Stock being propped up by buybacks? What percentage of shares need to be held outside the company for the stock to be considered a Publicly Traded Company? Where are we currently at?

MH interview on CNBC.COM Yesterday - Oh Boy....

Yesterday, MH was interviewed on CNBC, titled "Oracle CEO: Focused on both top and bottom lines." Among other BS misleading comments, MH was asked what is "the pace of movement to the cloud" referring to Oracle's ERP cloud product. Shocker, the Turd... read more

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