Topics regarding layoffs at SVB Financial Group

Topics regarding layoffs at SVB Financial Group

SVB contract positions

Had three recruiters reach out today about SVB first citizens risk roles, no hourly rate, which says they are probably paying under $50 an hour. You get what you pay for…these roles should go for $200 an hour or more.

Here is a Good Laugh

That wonderful walking ER issue , Al-a has landed at MUFG to continue her bullying ways. For folks in her group it was the first bit of good news they had. Everyone knew she had to jump ship because she lost a lot in the SVB stock dump. Mark R has to... — read more 

Retention bonus

Word on the street is there are retention bonuses for 10-25k going out to some individuals. Paid out at the end of April and May.. those of us who haven’t gotten a retention bonus, does that mean we’re dunzo?


"SVB, for instance, found itself with some $16 billion in unrealized losses from long-dated Treasurys it held. As yields rose, it eroded the principle value of those bonds and created liquidity issues for the bank, long a favorite of high-flying tech... — read more 

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Bye Felicia

SVB imploded fairly spectacularly. It didn't make it to the close of business Friday afternoon, which is when the FDIC usually likes to shut banks down. Fair to say this will have a negative impact in SV. Lets hope the damage is contained.

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