Topics regarding layoffs at Synovus Financial Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Synovus Financial Corp.

Is it just rumors?

I've been hearing about layoffs again which at first I thought to be ridiculous since we just had one not even a couple weeks ago. Then I came on this board to see what is circulating and see another post stating the same thing about layoffs and... —  read more 

Layoffs & Furloughs

From a source intimately familiar with headcount and business stability, please note that their will be an extensive, and abysmal layoff and furlough execution pending. Anyone with less than 5 years of service will NOT receive any sort of severance... —  read more 

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Massive Changes in Works

Please note: What you know of Synovus is going to change. BIG TIME. Don’t be fooled, cuts and outsourcing are rolling out. By 2nd-Q 2021, there will be no FTE working on vacancies within IT and Operations. You can thank your “progressive” CEO for... —  read more 

Synovus being sold

It’s here. Synovus’ executive leadership and board are in talks to sell the regional bank to a competitor. Strong, hands-on source says this will eliminate the need for a Columbus location, minus the theee top performing branches, and part of their... —  read more 

Signed Away

Synovus sighed away their dedicated HRIS, Benefits, and Ops side of HR. They will be using an outside 3rd Party, and eliminating a minimum of 42 FTE seats by Q3 to save money, and increase their bottom line.

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Synovus + FCB = Layoffs

With the Synovus and FCB project wrapped up, the leadership at Synovus is now looking at leaning out the Columbus HQ. All areas will be hit. The last report from the HR Leadership meeting shows how they are eliminating positions, and taking that... —  read more 


We have already laid off 1,200 employees since 2009 - things are worse every quarter - seriously, but our executives continue to pay fat bonuses

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