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More layoffs last week 11/10 and the prior week........just keep coming.....More to come

Looks like its cut to profit, tear it down totally and see if it survives......

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I miraculously survived the Fairfield OH shut down (2018) and was able to work from home for the contract I worked on. I actually had to put serious thought into taking the compensation package or keep my job and work from home. I made the choice to stay until my son got married at the end of the year because of my PTO situation. Once he got married then I was in the job hunting mode. It only took a couple months before I got the offer I needed. it offered more pay, better benefits and less stress. I gave my two weeks and didn't look back. I hear my old manager just got hit with a layoff and had I still been with them I would have been hit too.
I wouldn't wish a job with CompuCom on my worse enemy! They are too cheap with wages, care less about their employees and upper management must not have a clue on how to conduct business. How can you keep hemorrhaging money and sell services which does not make you money? They are a bunch of id–ts. Office Depot made a huge mistake acquiring CompuCom, especially with the way their market was dwindling. They'll both go down in flames.

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CC is a money loser. Has been for years.
The only way they know to curb losses is to cut their people. The only good asset they had.
Good luck to the sad remaining souls.....y'all gonna need it. –Next year is going to get worse.

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