Thread regarding Graybar layoffs

No layoffs but can be much better on the Sales side!

Here at Graybar your success is not really based on how good you are in sales and how much you can sell, but on the health of your accounts that you get.

If they have a large budget for MRO and electrical upgrades, you have to bank, but if you have a number of small accounts, you will never make a budget - and that's how you are measured.

So now you have to find prospects and new opportunities. In industrial environments this is very difficult because industrial customers do not want you to visit them all the time and they contact you when they need you.

What you really need is that senior management provides warm leads - and sometimes you get a business account, but that is lucky if they even work with you. I had a company account that all Panduit had to get from me. Overlooking the contract, they are not obliged to use Panduit. So the company put me under pressure to sell Panduit while the customer didn't want to actively use Panduit - so I ended up just harassing them. Not how you want to spend your week.

Paying is low considering the amount of work you have to do - and the commissions aren't great. Given that you will do technical sales, the national average for this type of work is around USD $55k- $ USD $85k (and up).

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