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FOCUS ON PEOPLE!!! hahahahaha

“We’ll team, once again I’ve steered the ship upon the rocks and we’re taking on an overwhelming amount of water”. “We ARE sinking”

“The good news is, if we throw enough of you overboard (to drown, because you signed an agreement not to try and swim), there will be enough room in the lifeboats for the rest of us”. “We may have to drift the current til someone saves us”. “Please don’t consider cannibalism to soon, we are tracking well and expect to fund 90% of the bonus next year”!

Yours truly’
Cap’n Barry

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Cap’n Barry, lol!
More like McHales Navy (aka Mueller, Sublet, LeBlanc, Lamb,)

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Man my head is still spinning from everything that went down in the last 2 weeks. First we hear the Christmas parties have been canceled (big red flag), then the announcement of an all company call a few days later (red flag #2), then the dreaded news that somehow (through all of our celebrating that even though the STACK hasn’t performed like producers were expecting and have bailed out of Oklahoma and moved everything to West Texas but don’t worry Enlink is set up to outlast the downturn and our EBITDA is exceptional) somehow Enlink must find ways to cut costs and stop spending in drastic ways and, oh yeah there’s probably going to be a little layoff involved but just trimming some fat, but we’ve got to stop frivolous spending..... then BOOM, THE CALL TO COME TO THE OFFICE....... I enjoyed the hell out of my time at Enlink, boom times are addictive. This is just a pipeline operator’s perspective, and take it with a grain of salt, but it appears to me that with the rumor that Thunderbird having sold, and the higher paid craft positions that got let go I’m thinking there’s a buyout in the works for Oklahoma operations. They survive the next couple months with drastically reduced wages and benefits of those let go and their bottom line looks way better in the next quarter and along with new shiny equipment that’s a kick a– looking package to purchase. If that is the case i hope a great, solid company acquires those assets and people and makes it all work to the potential it has. God bless all affected and if this put your family in a bind it will be ok or even better if you stay calm, focus, look forward not back, and be positive positive positive. It will be ok, there are lots of opportunities out there.... and to the remaining Enlink employees man be safe out there and really take your time and be focused on the task at hand. Now is not the time to go running balls to the wall into a situation you’re unsure of if you don’t have the experience get some help and keep a safe distance.

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That’s interesting if that’s what was said on the call. Because for the ones that threw overboard they gave us our “bonus” but it was half of what it was supposed to be.

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