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2020 Layoffs @ AIT (What's your prognosis)

Especially in light of what's happening right now.

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I work for AIT, and I don't know if layoffs are in the future, but I do know they are furloughing all hourly employees on a rolling basis. All salaried employees have taken a 7% pay cut until at least July of this year. The furloughs are for a week, I'm on my second one (obviously I'm an hourly employee) and they seem to be at the rate of one weekly furlough per month. I'm relatively well paid for an hourly employee (at least by AIT standards) because of my technical and product knowledge (I'm almost certainly in the top 5% of the company as far as product knowledge goes, and I'm including our outside sales staff and upper management in this) but skill or knowledge are not a consideration in this, the furloughs and pay cuts (for the salaried employees) are across the board. I'm remaining anonymous because I do not want any retaliation for sharing supposedly confidential information. For close relatives and friends, however, my pseudonym may be a clue.

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