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Here are some comments from employees

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  • Chemical Industry has many ups and downs due to energy costs and supply management controls
  • No structure, not following best practices, most employees haven't been to any other plant, don't know how to do run a plant, Very low salary, salary package is horrible
  • Fast paced and hands on environment. Any position would allow you to take ownership and gain experience immediately. Safety of the employees is heavily promoted.
  • No dental, lack of true leadership.
  • Financial weakness of the company.
  • Constant pressure to convert developmental opportunities to commercial activities as soon as possible but catalyst qualification is complicated and lengthy as well as building relationships and gaining trust with new customers.
  • There was a lot of turnover in my area. Headquarters moved to Philadelphia and that impacted the morale in Middlebury.
  • Extremely lean on personnel that everyone is over worked with no time to focus on quality work. Since they downsized so much company has lost so much knowledge. Disorganized with a lot of manual work refuses to utilize their software systems. Depending on your manager, some are no where to be found for weeks.
  • IT is outsourced. Company is trying to position itself to be bought out. Spun off some profitable divisions.
  • Schedule is horrible. You can have you schedule changed for the next day without you even knowing. There isn't a lot of opportunities to move up.
  • Lack of adequate resources combined with lack of integrity of upper management creates a toxic environment of finger pointing and back stabbing. Elimination of positions has resulted in very limited career growth opportunities.
  • Frequent policy change
  • Lengthy and difficult working hours
  • Very top heavy company with middle/upper management spread out amongst many different sites which means management cannot get to know their reports. It just creates the environment where every employee feels like another number.
  • There really haven't been any cons except for the fact the plant is getting ready to close for good. I wish that wasn'r happening.
  • You have to be a part of a clique to advance. Doing the right thing, working hard and contributing positively while appreciated will not get you the career growth needed unless part of a clique
  • Almost always prefer outside hires to promoting from within the ranks. No longer value experience and knowledge. Middle management has become a revolving door
  • Constant restructuring and frequent layoffs.
  • I was so exposed to chemicals that when I now smell cleaning products my tongue burns.
  • Peeling ceilings. OSHA must be paid off cause they don't ever visit, why not? It's a chemical company! They asked me to stay and train people after they laid me off.
  • Never seemed to have well defined goals or objectives that were also attainable for the future of the company.
  • Work-life balance left something to be desired
  • Senior "leadership". The CEO brought all of his friends from a previous company along and moved the company headquarters to Philadelphia because he didn't want to move. Interseting in a company that isn't making any money. The only trnasplant was a lower level HR manager that whispered the things the CEO wanted to hear so he could get promoted. None of the "leadership" is qualified to run a company, their only...
  • A recent upper level management change has left Great Lakes Solutions in a precarious position. No longer are employees actual people but simply a number on a spreadsheet.
  • Management doesn't care about anyone, at all.... its all about cutting costs and making money
  • Sticking with top-down goals despite market realities caused serious issues with business performance. Significant restructuring in 4Q every year 2012-2014 as major pieces of the company sold off. Now acknowledge that the company will not exist in its current state - will be sold off or acquired; however acquired employees have generally been happier with their new firm. Constant downsizing continually means...
  • Just came out of bankruptcy a couple of years ago, some divisions being sold off.
  • Bad as it can be. Office management lacks credibility. Safety is key, but the management finds no interest in it.
  • Management is careless of employees
  • Independance stems from a lack of structure and direction. No clearly defined culture.
  • Having to live with the uncertainty of downsizing every September (2012, 2013, 2014). Many have old school managerial styles, unwilling to listen to and execute new ideas. Pretty low morale.
  • Lack of communication within businesses and between businesses and departments. Impossible deadlines. No compensation for overtime work. Difficult for internal and external customers to do business with Chemtura. Entire dedicated IT workforce replaced by unskilled and untrained IT non-professionals who cannot carry out the most basic of IT functions thus causing constant disruption in work flow and productivity.
  • This place is conatantly laying off and asking those left beind to assimilate more duties into an already full work week while not incurring overtime. Management changes its model far too much. There is always a "re-organization" going on. Due to all the layoffs, there is no opportunity for advancement.
  • I would not say there are any cons to working here
  • Management lacks communication with those under them causing strife and limiting growth in the company.
  • There is a lack of training to new comers if you are salary- hourly gets all the training the need/desire.
  • Upper management that is addicted to consultants and hasn't had an original idea in 5 years. The combining of the Petroleum Additives and Urethanes businesses makes absolutely no sense. The Chemtura world is now divided between those that are in the Philadelphia office and the rest of company.
  • Incentives, benefits, constant changes and turnover
  • A lot of changes have occurred over the last year and I have seen a lot of good friends of mine leave the company. It goes with the territory.
  • Middle management very rigid for this most part creating an uncomfortable ease among employees. The fear of being laid off by a restructure to create better financials.
  • Lower pay comparing to bigger chemical companies, decisions are constantly being changed. Company came back from bankcruptcy but still struggling to grow
  • Not impressed with the way upper management runs the company. Way to top heavy. Location leaves something to be desired.
  • Expected to be "on the clock" 24/7. Incompetent Sr Management. No loyalty to "the troops". Chrurn and Burn mentality.
  • Corporate influence who really didn't understand the business. Subbusiness had to run everything through corporate, causing delay to action, improper decisions and loss of business.
  • There very much exists an us v. them culture. No one approved of management as every person had an issue with the level above them. Employee reviews didn't make sense as regardless how well you did, you were never given the score (and thus raise) you deserved. There are a so many people at that company that go under-utilized and under-appreciated.
  • A terrible place to work. Most of management are spineless and will not make a decision. Anyone with brains and iniative gets frustrated and leaves
  • Limited career growth potential. Training could be better.
  • Too many middle managers, lack of talent and intelligence in the management pool, lack of encouraging workers to move ahead on the part of management. No telecommuting opportunities.
  • No money to spend on what it would, take to make the air better, will spend it on small improvements.
  • The clicques have it made, keep your mouth shut, they don't want to improve.
  • They keep you in the dark , and treat you like you are dumb
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Here is more stuff:

  • Company poorly run by top executives
  • Forced to file chapter 11
  • Future not very secure for employees
  • Bad food in the cafe
  • Strict, disciplined work environment. Support issues could be handled better. Difficult to manage work and family life.
  • Lack of success, poor morale.
  • Change is constant. You are either in or out. In the last few years most people have moved on.
  • Little opportunity for job growth and very little communication between management and employees.
  • The corporate office is milking the other profitable parts of the business dry and forcing them to make poor decisions to satisfy current quarter deficits. These decisions will impact the future of these businesses, but they don't care much about that.
  • Poor order book. Aging plant, little investment. Getting taken over by a German chemical company. A little worrying going forward
  • Poor upper manager vision, in tough decisions they hide their faces, they don't care the customers in long term and do things without any considerations. Distributors are tricked as well
  • Their approval ratings say it all. Strategy for success is shrinking to greatness. Employee purges have been going on for over a decade now. They have fixated on growth in BRIC regions which never materialized, ignoring their traditional markets and facilities in North America and Europe. Senior Management is way overdue for a purge. Plant Managers have the lifespan of a firefly in this company due to the hair-trigger mentality of corporate leadership.
  • Awful the way the company is turning, no certainty on what is going to happen next, a lot of turn over and having your boss saying if you have something better run is not good.
  • Did not know where to go. Lack of long term strategy . Faced tough times with bad top management. Hopefully it has recovered
  • Constantly changing... being asked to take on more responsibility without additional increase in pay
  • No bonus, small annual increases
  • Management has reorganized this company out of existence. The focus on quarterly results has driven numerous reorganizations that have stripped the company of the people who can actually deliver results.
  • Reorganization every year without a plan to cover the work. It was cut the people and then realize what work was left to do and then tell the people left that they needed work harder and longer.
  • The management system at Chemtura is not as professional as you expect for a global company. The culture of pointing out lower level employees in case of any problem or unsuccessful business is most likely in the company. Management rarely tries incentive methods to improve work results but punishment is always an option.
  • No growth or development. Very closed off, limited senior management group. Company can go bust at anytime because it is all a game to the guys at the top.
  • Some of the manufacturing sites seem understaffed
  • Future of company remins uncertain
  • Some business units will not likely survive
  • Middlebury office facility is shabby
  • Can be a political environment
  • Absolutely no growth or development. Very political. Do not follow through on promises. Employees are treated very poorly if they do not follow the pack.
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