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I left a few years back and I could'nt have been more relieved to get out of such a top heavy , self entitled, relationship based company.

I saw the layoffs coming and have heard of another coming in March time frame. With all the "world wide " corporation talk you'd think they had a monopoly . Unfortunately with third party companies loosing value in the industry and the lack of employee value this company has not seen those worst yet. In fact , i believe if corporate was not based here they would'nt even have manufacturing here in St. Petersburg.

The real pity is there are many outstanding employees who are lost in the shuffle by the almost god like persona put off by the management. With workcell who dont complete proper readiness and telling customers...were good to go then having an abundance of defect returns i can see why they are not performing to potential. Jabil , look at the top and find your problems. The lower levels will excel and bring you into the 21st century of production........

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