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Raytheon & United Technologies Merger IT Employment Concerns

I was recently given an offer at Raytheon for a position as a Senior Network Engineer at their El Segundo California office. I like the offer I received, however I have not accepted the offer yet. I am a bit hesitant to take the offer given the recent merger with United Technologies now owning the majority of Raytheon (57%).

I wanted to reach out on this forum to get a better idea of potential layoffs at the new and upcoming "Raytheon Technologies". Even before the merger, is working internal IT at Raytheon considered a relatively safe place to be? Or since IT doesn't really bring in the $$$ it's seen as more of a cost center and thus a higher target for layoffs?

I'm also curious about the El Segundo office. It appears to be a pretty big campus, however I'm curious with the cost of living in California (and thus higher wages compared to other office locations), are we're going to be seeing a reduction in headcount in El Segundo to cut costs? Not sure if the El Segundo site headcount has slowly been shrinking over time.

I'm also wondering about the impact to IT merging with United Technologies. Does United Technologies have a history of layoffs/cutting IT staff? Both the Raytheon and United Technologies threads don't really touch on IT layoffs at either company.

Your input is greatly appreciated.

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If you take the offer you will become the "new guy" there. There will be layoffs for sure, and the new guys are at a higher risk.
But if the offer is really good moneywise, then take the risk. Cost of living in CA is hell if you want to live in a decent place, with good schools and low crime. Minimum $3,000/mo rent. So living in El Segundo will cost you way more than that or you will have to commute (one hour drive each way). Been there, done that (I left CA...).
Good luck. But the money has to be very good or don't go there.

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I’m work at Raytheon and I don’t think you’ll get much insight here on potential IT layoffs. My personal opinion is there will be no layoffs and in fact there may be more opportunities. But honestly, nobody knows.

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