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More layoffs to start 2020

Evine (now back to the name ShopHQ) just went through more layoffs this week (mid January). It would appear there was no rhyme or reason to these cuts, as multiple systems are now left essentially unsupported. I pity those still there trying to make sense of what’s left of this dying company.

I would tell Tim Peterman (and his boy Eyal) how awful he is as a CEO, but I would imagine it’s tough to hear when your head is so far up your own a– ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Agree. Peterman is a puppet. He's in way over his head and might be the single worst leader I've ever seen in any organization. He has no idea how to build a team, or even what his team does. He pretends he knows best, but all he's done is destroy moral and make bad, uninformed, knee jerk decisions. The team he has left are good at hiding it from him, but they have zero respect for him. He wanted a new culture and he got one. Completely toxic from the top down. He could care less about his employees or the organization, just a fat paycheck and kudos for being a good little Invicta soldier.

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I thought the original poster was under stated and elegant in their assessment. My only thought would be to suggest mid life crisis bro-dude Eyal has company in said orifice...tis a crowded place these days that orifice. Its a wonder Tim still manages to speak out it most days.

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