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Toxic Culture

My time at the company isn’t so long (been here for 8 months), but thoughts of leaving are multiplying in my head by the day. It’s not so much that I work for a pay that is below the standards of the business or the fact that the benefits are not so great. To be honest, the toxic environment is k–ling me.
I’m sure most of us know that when you arrive at this company you are faced with a certain hierarchy and and a substantial portion of nepotism. If you’re not part of the club, if you dond bi nd in, you can forget that your work will ever get acknowledged, much less that you can prosper in your career.
Frankly, I haven’t joined this company to make new friends, and I certainly didn’t join so my career would depend o n a—kissing. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking that this pattern will change, but it seems to be embedded so deeply into the very tissue of the company that there are greater chances that the company takes a downfall then there are for this behavior to change. Good luck to everybody who is not part of the club.

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