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I'm sad to see nepotism take over Delta Airlines

Not so long ago, this was one of the best - if not the best - airlines to work for. Good pay, good benefits, good prospects for building a career...

Not anymore. Recently, politics have started dominating all the decisions made around here. No longer can we be sure that management will make decisions based on data and merit. No, it's all about who they know and who they like these days.

If you want to progress in your career and you have no relatives or friends above you, tough luck. Which really makes me sad. I thought I'd retire at this place. Now I'm no longer sure.

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It is going to get better, we survived 9-11 and came out stronger and fought to be number one and we succeeded. As far as the comment on if management likes you then you will move up, that is very true and has been for quiet some time, the so called team leaders are managements favorites I have stated all along they need to be sent back to the phones after 1 year and put the next group in, every employee who wants to be a team leader (coach) should be allowed to do so, we know we will never be in management, I gave up on that 12 years ago, it is who you know, not what you know. They tell our CEO what they want him to hear but in the real world in the office, it is management's world, they push you to take calls one after the other and if you fail or try to really follow through and give the best customer service, well, you are done for. They do not want you to do anymore than you have to, get them on the phone and off the phone, and do not take a break other than the 2 they give you and the 30 minute lunch which it takes you 15 to get out of the office. There are many failures yet so many have given up and just work, there is no longer the feeling of family, it is watch your back around here because they will throw you under the bus to make themselves look good. i am the lucky one, I am treated with respect and dignity, but I see it all around me and eats me up that I have to stay quiet.

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Ever since Richard left as CEO it has not been a bowl of cherries that's for sure.
I was in the industry for 25 years, had my fareshare of unpaid leave, payouts, it will get better, just stay strong that's all I can say.

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