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Again this sounds like some Union propaganda This whole thing extends to ALL airlines and certainly some Airlines will be much worse off. Yes Delta is burning through cash, you think the other airlines are exempt??

Yes I am Delta Proud, you forgot to put the headliner in here that there are over 13,000 employees who have already volunteered to take a 30, 60 or 90 day leave without pay @Delta Proud.

You didn't say anything about all of the Direct managers and CEO have voluntary taken a pay cut @ Delta Proud. Tell me how many other airlines have taken this action??

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How did that go for you in the past month or so since you posted this? Hope everything is still going well.

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No doubt, Delta will lay off comes 01OCT. United is doing it already!

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Don't believe the hype about " Family " and being " Delta Proud"

I worked for Delta in Canada for over 10 years and scumbags at Delta decided it was a great , economical idea to layoff all Delta employees in Canada back in 2004 I believe .

But wait !!!! They then purchase NWA a few months later and because NWA employees were UNIONIZED , they be all became DELTA employees overnight and TRUE Delta employees lost their jobs!!!

In short , approximately 30 Delta employees were laid off in Montreal , Canada and a few months later....140 NWA employees were hired ?!?!

What happened to " economic reasons " as to why all DELTA employees in Canada were laid off .

Get Unionized !

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This is nice to see and I hope many companies can do the same. Just asking a simple question and not just for United, but all airlines and travel industry people. How long do you think our companies can survive with a 40 to 60 percent decline in revenues? I mean can they really keep paying us if travel declines this much past the 4 week mark? I don't know. I'm not a business genius. But I do know basics. Businesses need income to survive and if income is reduced their money won't last forever. Comments?

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I’m also a Delta employee in the OCC and they are doing amazing things for us. Unfortunately, my department is heavily needed in operations so we weren’t offered the voluntary leave to help the company out.

We’ve actually been over staffed for each shift and still have to offer overtime for more help. Just so happy to be apart of a company with people who knows how to come together in a time of need!!

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