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Canadian Tire just laid off all cashiers at store by calling them together at the end of the shift on Saturday and saying their are no more hours for them. What a great Canadian Company,! Not even willing to try and get them work for the curbside drop offs. Not even willing to honour the hours that were scheduled next week.
After the nickle and diming they have been doing, by not honouring the extra when these cashiers have to work past the end of their shifts if in the eyes of management, it is not long enough to warrant pay as it was just a few minutes after the end of the shift. Their actions boarder on criminal. In Canada people should not be treated this way.

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Does not surprise me. I worked in a controlling and extremely bullying environment. All management need to start rolling their sleeves up and helping by couching and mentoring. Your are not paid to simply take someone else"s bread and butter away, nor are you paid to run a daycare. I was not told why I was being let go but I did witness managers cuddling in the isles talking. Extremely offensive as I worked extremely hard and always showed up.

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