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9,816 - 715 = 9,101

We took a careful review of the company, looking for redundancies in tools, systems and for roles that were not aligned to where we are investing for the future. This has resulted in the painful decision to part with 715 friends and co-workers who were notified today that their jobs have been impacted.

Recently, in our town halls and State of the Company meeting, you’ve asked me about layoffs, and I’ve said that we will never do any layoffs to make any short term goals or to achieve any financial numbers. I’ve also shared that we will always evaluate and align our investments to meet the changing needs of our customers. With the pace of change in today’s world, it’s critical that we act now. We are taking these actions to transform our capabilities and ensure that we’re able deliver for customers, both now and into the future.

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Missing: Intuit will hire back 700 more appropriately skilled employees. This was an intentional decision to accelerate the company’s transformation in key areas. Not a cost-cutting measure.

Goal of the acceleration is to better address the needs of struggling small businesses and consumers globally.

While the layoffs are difficult, they are neither heartless nor solely a cost-cutting measure.

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Intuit is and has been an extremely well run company. They have had an exceptional track record and committed to a longer term focus. The business model relies on seasonal workers, and with the extended tax filing deadlines I am not surprised to see this happening now. Intuit isn't the right employer for many people, many people cannot keep up with the pace and expectations of a great company. I valued my time at Intuit highly, l;earned a lot and use much of that experience in my life today. I have not found another company that invests in their employees as deeply as Intuit. Knowing Sasan and his team, I have every confidence that Intuit will continue to perform well for their employees, customers and shareholders. Layoffs are never easy, I wish all those affected well.

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Pretty c-appy timing when the US doesn’t need any additional unemployed and finding work for these “ coworkers and friends” will be all that more difficult. I hate to wish bad on anyone or any business but I believe in karma ( credit karma... haha) that I hope that this is the death nail for Intuit. Very poor decision

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I heard about 7% or 700 people got laid off today. That s—s.
The company used to be very good but it was a high stress job, I left on my own.
Anyhow, interacting with difficult customers,
cross training on multiple products was forced instead of being based
on interest and desire to grow into that area in the company.
There will no longer be any experts in one single product, all experts will be crippled by this. Plus layoffs today, this must s—. Big time.

Employees are people, and can do only so much - they cannot go over human limits and stress k–ls.

There was a lot of stress while I was at Intuit, people burn out, it happened to me.

Telling your team that a bad month for sales is a whole-team/whole-company problem is insulting.

Your CS team worked their best – exceeded their best – in spite of the product changes that you implemented.

If you are going to change the product and price the way that you are then stop advertising it as a small-business tool; it is no longer small-business friendly.

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