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Cleaning the House

I think the whole CoronaV “downturn” and furloughing they’ve done to deal w it is probably just an excuse to clean house a bit without all the associated bad pr of a regular lay-off. My gut’s telling me that one person I know who was furloughed could be extended or laid off entirely.

I may be being pessimistic, but I’ve been through this b4 and the furlough being used as a soft ball, gradual lead-in to a full lay-off would not surprise me. It’s a tactic. Hope i’m wrong, but that’s my take on it.

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HR’s sole purpose is to protect the company- not the employee.

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BAE is one of the most nepotistic companies I have ever seen. I worked there for many many years. Once Walt Havenstein left the company took a nosedive. We had a pension but when they got caught bribing Saudi Arabia and fined $400 million that went away the next year.

In that time I saw relatives of higher level managers get promoted when it was clearly not deserved while others who did well received no promotions and only average raises, sometimes even bad reviews. I knew someone who complained to HR and they did absolutely nothing. So much for their statements that the people there mean a lot. Of all the companies I have worked for the work here was interesting most of the time but the management was the bottom of the barrel.

Unless you have an "in", stay far far away from this company.

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This is a direct copy paste. (Why did someone feel the need to copy a response from June 8 under the “Thanks CoronaV” topic and paste it here?)

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