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Boeing South Carolina > Need "Oldie But Goodie Retirees" - For Short Term Contractors

I believe that Boeing high level Management need to bring some of the - "Oldie but Goodie retirees " from the past on as contractors short term. Use the knowledge of those from the past that are driven and care about the future to get things back on track at South Carolina. High Caliber employees from the past that can drive the company in an upward direction. The company has been failing for quite a while and it wasn't that way in the past. Experience and caring about driving the company in an upward direction benefits all. Those that are below mediocre need to be sent packing. Many top notch employees from the past I'm sure would love to see Boeing rise again to new heights and be part of the surge to make Boeing a company to be proud of and profitable again. Working for a paycheck and doing the bare minimum is driving Boeing down to low levels and we don't want a just survive kind of company. With the past tactics the experience high level people retired and the experience went out the window. Also, many employees could barely get to work let alone do the job. Time for a positive change! For those that do care and work their tail off they are needed.

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