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What is it like to work at Oshkosh as a woman? Is it a hostile work environment for or towards women? Does this company regularly or routinely discriminate against women or limiting women's ability to further their career? Are there career-limiting ceilings placed on a womens career which are not in place to limit a mans career progression? How good does ones golf game have to be to succeed or progress up the corporate ladder at Oshkosh? How many contracts does this company have with the Chinese? Any input on the dollar amounts? Any insight into Oshkosh's bid on the USPS proposal? If Oshkosh doesn't get the USPS award, has there been any inside talk about massive lay-off's?

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All I can say is if you are a woman, you won't have any possible chance at getting a chance at a promotion unless your buddy is a VP that you can bury your nose so deep in HIS rear-end and you can handily swing a golf club. Steer clear of this company, it is not a good place to work. As a woman, it was the worst experience I ever had as hiring and promotions are made on if you are a man or woman. I refused to sleep with my boss however others in the workplace are STILL sleeping with their boss, and in some cases, both their boss and the bosses boss.

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What's going on with "our" culture?
Why have things been allowed to turn so toxic?

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