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The slavery rebellion in America has begun - Strike Planned Across U.S. for Oct. 15.

The slavery rebellion in America has begun. The Philips employee imbalance relates to “productivity”, that is based on hours worked, Americans are 35% more productive i.e. working 35% more hours than the EU and and Asian counterparts generating an additional 100K in revenue per employee. States in the EU enjoy an “Employee Bill of Rights”, US employment is “at will”, this is reason for abusing U.S. productivity! The EU and “Philips” are living off the backs of the Americans with an overall trade imbalance of 182 billion or 758,000 jobs with Philips contributing 2.4 Billion or 7,349 jobs. Prospectively, with 758K jobs an entire city such as Detroit, MI could be restored to its former self. So are acquiesced employees overloaded, working holidays, weekends, 12-16 hour days, not receiving vacation time, receiving useless training, salary, and bonus cuts?

  1. S. Managers - (Men and Women - Slavers - Pathological Liars) who don’t fight for their workers, “pretend” to be a friend, participate with treacherous Judas betrayal, ridicule, abuse, and incompetence, you are contributing to a brutal workplace, with poor job security and low levels of job satisfaction. There are very serious ethical and moral consequences for your actions! Considering the American productivity, one would think that Philips would at-least treat the American Workers and Hospital Systems with dignity and respect not fraud, extortion, slavery and abuse.

The slavery rebellion in America has begun - Strike Planned Across U.S. for Oct. 15.

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I'm sure I'm not the only one who has spent multiple decades in "at will" employment, and to date I haven't seen a firing that wasn't justified. Seems like all the doom and gloom hasn't come to fruition.

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