Thread regarding Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey layoffs

Horizon BCBS WTF? Laying off 150 - 250 people but promoting and hiring new expensive VPs? Really?

Horizon did some really poor planning with COVID. The "Optimize Horizon" program was supposed to save us money. It wasn't saving fast enough. So, Instead of removing contractors (who are designed to be a "flexible workforce"- during a financial crisis), Horizon decided to layoff between 150-250 full time employees. Almost 3% of our Full time employees. They had no warning, no time to say goodbye, and no solid reasons for their selection. So many had years and years of experience. I suspect it was their age. If so, I'll probably be next. I wonder if we even told DOBI about it THIS time. Rumor says we are trying to go public again. That's probably why we have all these new expensive VPs coming in. Of course, no VPs got laid off or took pay cuts. It was mostly worker bees who were hit. We are no longer the caring company we used to be. I've been with the company for decades and this is the worst leadership I've ever seen. I don't trust them. Now that they've changed the rules to sc--w us on our pensions, it's probably time to leave. Good luck to those who were let go!

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