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I have got a very strange situation. I have been given a strange letter from my manager which is supposed to be a PIP, but does not appear signed by anyone, not even stamped, not a logo.

They give me less than a quarter to achieve some weird objectives.

Is this really a PIP process? Any of you have been in a PIP process? How formal is it?

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Yes I had a feeling you would be, the unfortunate thing is if your manager didn’t have a discussion with you beforehand regarding your performance and then gave you a PIP, then they have made their decision already. I would be looking for a new role.

Also I would not mention any intention on leaving, once they hear that they won’t get rid of you with a payout because you already thinking about it. The situation you are in right now, and I am in a similar situation is I am not getting enough work assigned to me, and when that happens it reduces your ability to get promoted, pay rise, growth etc., which then forces you to leave on your own.

Also I have never heard of anyone negotiating their exit, unless you are on a fixed watertight contract and I don’t see a Full time/part time employee negotiating anything. The best you can hope for is a redundancy, but that comes down to your manager who would submit a list of names, and then that gets fed back up. I can’t see that happening to a single person, so they are probably looking at lawful ways to get rid of you Via this PIP.

I’d Make sure to keep all emails, and get everything put in writing to cover yourself for any potential unlawful termination or evidence of not being able to achieve your PIP.

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To the OP, which org are you in I.e. sales, support, customer outcomes/success?

My experience from working at other large corps, is that the most senior person within your org (VP) will have a final say on hiring, promotions, pay rise increases outside the usual thresholds etc. but will lean heavily on your direct manager and HR. Just a word of warning, HR is not your friend, they work for the benefit of the corporation, any way to save money is a win for them including not having to payout and you leaving on your own.

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Hello everyone,

I am the original OP. After some fight, I got to block the PIP, but now it is clear that my days in ServiceNow are over, despite the fact they were not able to fire me the way they wanted.

Who approves the budget in ServiceNow for an exit negotiation? Do you know? That information can be important to me as, again, I do not know I will survive, but at least I want to get the maximum out of my current situation.


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I got a PIP within in month 7 smart ServiceNow. Likewise, not signed by my manager. No concrete measurable targets to hit. My VP lied to my face about not knowing about it (she did at the time). Whole job felt like one big con.

I learned after leaving the company my former manager has since been reassigned.

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If it says "You've got X days to do Y, or else", then it's a PIP (the "or else" part is the tell). Looks like they gave you 90 days to get a new job. Hopefully you got something lined up by now, if not then get that resume out there! And think up a good reason why you are looking... make it forward-facing, don't mention the PIP... "I'm excited about the technology that your company is offering and I'm ready for a new challenge", words to that effect. Good luck!

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Good question, OP.

No one here does know about this?.

Take care!.

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