Thread regarding Rivian Automotive, Inc layoffs

What if RIVIAN becomes another ELMS?

What about employees who resigned BIG 3 and joined the dream of another Tesla?

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I see you guys finally have a message board. I'll never forget when RJ was on the same stage as Hackett at a Ford global town hall. The way they gushed over this guy like it was some gift that he graced us with his presence. I just scratched my head and went about my business. Then slowly but surely all the joint projects started to unravel. First the Lincoln because it was not cost competitive, then Ford divesting some of the shares, etc. And then Ford polluted your company with some of our sh---y execs/ nepotism. I second @ymz and @Ahsm, the days of easy money are over. If all you do is show up to the dance with visions and platitudes the old money holders will not be easily impressed.

Forget that the R1T and R1S are EVs for a second, and just look at them as a durable consumer good. What is the "why buy"? The styling is dull, sure there are some interesting features, but you take away the EV and the vehicle is not special compared to a BMW or Mercedes. Also you are paying less for both compared to a Rivian, so what does Rivian truly posses that makes it worth $80K? What is the value proposition? The customers who can drop $80K are not stupid, and will quickly figure out that the value proposition is non existent. This will be the coup de grace since the honeymoon/fanfare period is long gone.

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Re: We're coming from a very experimental economic period where money was cheap and non-tech people thought everything is technologically possible now.

I agree the last decade it’s been CEOs in T-shirts shouting:

Fastest to market wins!

Move Fast…. Break Stuff…

Don’t be a Dinosaur company!

If you have an idea and an app! Run as fast as you can with it!

By 2018 self driving cars will be all over the united states! (crowd roars)

By 2019 non of you will even have to own a car ever again thanks to my idea and my app!

By 2021 every household in america will have my robots delivering their groceries!

It was all BS fueled by easy money and FOMO.

Takes more than BS and grandiose proclamations to have a viable business. 20 years from now we will be worrying more about food and water supply than the iphone XXVI release.

When i first saw the built in grill option for Rivian truck i thought it’s starting to turn it o the car Homer Simpson designed

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Those who left for greener pastures have found themselves knee deep in sh##!

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Ford waiting to swoop in when its dirt cheap

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I agree above. Tesla dominated and “made it” because they were making electric cars and had pretty much a 100% market share. They had no competition.

Rivian is late to that game, trying to make it in a market that is very quickly becoming saturated with much larger and more well established companies. There’s a lot of competition in that market now. I don’t think Rivian will make it long term on their own, not enough income to support the money currently being hemorrhaged.

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We're coming from a very experimental economic period where money was cheap and non-tech people thought everything is technologically possible now. Anyone can build cars... just like that. But the warning signs were there: once a certain technology is developed and out into code, anyone can run it. So why Rivian? Ingenuity takes places across the entire platform or else you're toast.

Soon they will chase after a jar of mayonnaise in an empty store again, like they do in Europe...

(I worked at Ford, not Rivian)

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