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2023 Tucson Layoffs-Mental Eugenics

Intuit has made great progress of upgrading the degree requirements for the rank-and-file sales in Tucson; however, this practice should be extended to the sales managers too. One does not want the sales force to follow the failures of managers who do not have true grit. There is a reason why some sales managers are degreeless is because they are mentally challenged. When other young people were getting ready for college during high school, these managers lives ended after high school, and they should have been working in a factory but got lucky at Intuit. If an exception is made for them because they might be geniuses, the Intuit should send these managers to an Industrial Psychologist and measure their I.Q.s which is a standard practice utilized by the Target Corporation. Otherwise, you run the risk of “Stockholm Syndrome” where the rank-and-file sales force will think it is o.k. to practice anti-intellectualism. The sales managers/trainers need to be aligned with sales force in with degree leveling in order to prevent them aborting young newly degreed sales reps because they view them as a threat to their position. Follow the best practices of the U.S. Military where all the officers have degrees (excluding University of Phoenix degrees) because they know that you get a higher caliber individual in regard to leadership and who also practice delay gratification. If they do not have a degree, they are unpromotable; however, we still need these people to fulfill their role in society by getting our Big Macs at McDonalds. (High I.Q) x (A.I) =High Performing Organization.

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