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This doesn't sound good...

"I think the most recent financial performance here was fairly bad, and I think the company itself is doing the financial equivalent of 'battening down the hatches,' and that’s never a great sign, in my view. The capital structure has deteriorated fairly substantially, and that’s also troublesome in my view."

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I worked in IT procurement for 13 months and found WILEY to be a backward, toxic environment. They brought in a new CIO named AREF MATIN who proceed to rule like a tyrant and brought in all his boot-licking buddies from PEARSON (Wiley's main competitor in the educational publishing space). MATIN proceeded to destroy the reputations of the IT Sourcing team to the point where it was eventually destroyed and outsourced to another cr---y and incompetent procurement organization called LOGIC SOURCE.

Wiley is also very leftist and woke in its treatment of employees and people of a conservative social and political viewpoint are attacked, marginalized and very often written up.

Stay away from this company at all costs.

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