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Northern Trust Good or Bad

Ok so the company I work for within this industry is FULL of non stop complaints, issues and frustrations of the company on this website. What’s the deal with NT? Why’s there no one complaining nonstop on here??? Do I work for the wrong company? Should I come to NT? Honest answers only. I am looking for a change and want to find who’s the best in this industry.

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Been here just under 18 years. NT is nothing like it was over 25 years ago, layoffs every 1-2 years, they work with Boston Consulting Company, morale is awful and more cuts happening. I am in same boat as you, looking for an organization that is tolerable, sadly, NT is not one of them. I too hope for very earnest feedback from current or past employees at any firm. Lots of turnover here as well, leadership is lacking, very typical set up--middle management not effective, really just pushes directives from senior management (which is out of touch and really should retire). There are no real plans to achieve growth metrics, and we REALLY need to grow--so pressure here is no different than other shops. There has never really been investment in technology, everyone internally and externally knows it (running joke that is excruciating). Northern lacks real innovation. There is little inspiration in several business units (I have friends / colleagues in many of them), and the company continues to market its legacy, which is quickly losing its panache. Marketing does not match actual deliverables to clients as well as team members--there is no investment in current employees. Northern is honest about its lackluster comp plans, but they sell the "work-life balance" and "culture" as a tradeoff. Unfortunately, neither is true (there are very little resources and administrators), and NT is managed like any of the large banks, so culture here is very similar to Wells, JPM, BAC, etc. The consensus is that many are looking for next opportunity which will likely be out of NT. You would be wise to ask why a potential position is open, although you likely will not get an honest answer.

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And to add a bit more commentary to my question, Glassdoor says 79% recommendation to a friend? 91% approve of CEO? Is this really how people feel? If so, that sounds like heaven to be honest

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