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PGI is currently restructuring and as a result a number of internal positions will be eliminated over next 2 months

PGI is currently restructuring and as a result a number of internal positions will be eliminated over next 2 months. Premiere has a good business concept but execution is less than stellar. Our stock is down 50% since Jan 1st 2010 and that's never a good indicator - for management to prove that they are doing something it's imperative to cut costs and easiest way to cut cost is to lay off employees and to dump their work on folks that are staying.

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PGI is a joke. They closed the office in KS without notice the the employees. More layoffs in the Springs. This business just needs to close up shop. If they have not rid themselves of the trash managers in the Springs they should. Hopefully the employees will find a real job where they will be paid for their worth.

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PGI has always been a joke. From the top down. The company just needs to close up shop. Their management is just awful and they do not know how to treat staff. A few of the leads in the COS office needed to be fired ages ago along with the one manager who was over ops then transferred to the res side. She is just a hateful nasty little woman.

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How ironic that once again PGi restructures. History repeats itself every few years. Options given are a heavy handed suggestion to resign with a promise to report employee was fired to KS unemployment board. Isn't that FRAUD? PGi HR VP suggests this!

PGi head count reduction is targeted at employees that are aware of over billing clients, refusal to credit for billing errors.

Employees injured on the job are strongly encouraged to not report which may result on loss of time at work and potential write up for being away from job.

Finally the good ole Boys Club! These little men that start from the top and trickle down are allowed to harrass women, touch breasts, grab buttocks, refer to women as stupid gals and encourage women to accompany these men to hotel rooms to further enhance their careers. Many women have done it in fear of losing their jobs

Middle Managers are at best ineffective. They are good at sitting in closed door offices refusing to join client meetings that a client has requested. All in all this restructure will happen again in a very short time....the few that remain will tell all that will listen what a fantastic company PGi is, we will then go home take our Valium if we haven't already taken it at work, pray we won't be the next to be restructured out of a job that we've worked nearly 15 years. All in all check out their business plan from one year to the next. My 15 year old son has a better grasp!

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PGi (Premiere Global Services) "restructures" every few years. The end result...dumping additional work on employees that are so overworked and stressed they are medicated on anti-anxiety med's.

Fast forward a few months, PGi then hires new inexperienced people, pay them less than those that were "layed off" a few months earlier, and the cycle starts again. Have they ever thought of looking at the top? Or even mid-management? PGi has so many "Managers", "Directors" and "V.P.'s" it is a joke! Check out the number of these jokers in their sales force alone.

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