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2015 Layoffs at DENTSPLY International

DENTSPLY used to be much better, we used to grow and people were excited about coming to work. Now it's all about the bottomline, nobody cares about workers and on top of all I think we are preparing some kind of layoff for the end of 2015 - I cannot be certain but I heard rumors from 2 different people who have good access to executices here at DENTSPLY International. I cannot, as I said before, be certain but the info on layoffs I got was coming from the right place and folks who told me about layoffs tend to be pretty accurate.

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Weak leadership equals weak results. Too bad the execs running this dump aren't the ones being let go. They led us to this point-they are to blame-all while making millions, being given 6% raises on $900k+salaries -and missing their goals. It's actually amazing to watch how dentsply has completely missed the economic stock recovery. The stock traded at essentially at what it trades at today......BEFORE THE CRASH!!!!

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You called it. It's the DENTSPLY One initiative. The Switzerland office was given a 24 hour notice and the doors were locked. UK office had 26 lay offs and another 20 quit, so that office is pretty much closed, Sweden had a bunch this last week, Italy had a protest sit-in, France and Germany are next. Nice business model, guess the One mean 'single minded, one-sided, only one left,....

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