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Now that they announced the sale to BMO and Wells Fargo, anyone heard anything?

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Local press cites Norwalk as giving notice to employees last week of Oct. Larger 'event' will happen by end of year. Early 2016 is when majority will be let go. No reason to keep layer upon layer of risk, regulatory, and all the non money making activities that drain big companies. Several layers of HQ and Admin will struggle to stay on, make it seem they are doing something, anything to keep a job. Essentially milking the company for whatever they can, when in reality these positions should have been the first shown the door. Unless a job is related to a business operation being sold, those 'jobs' will be eliminated. Buyers of a business only want what is essential to keep their newly purchased asset operational. Sales, account managers and the like - the rain makers, will be kept on if they perform well at the new owners and they'll have to fight through 'integrations' where it's what you know as well as who you know that matters. It's business, get over it.

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