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Potential Carbonite layoffs coming after acquisition of evault

Layoffs are potentially coming after recent acquisition of evault, as early as feb 2016. Employees that worked on products geared towards the mid-market business segment (i.e. Backup Appliance, Server Backup) will be targeted since this line becomes obsolete.

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Well wasn't this a cash buyout (and considering Seagate bought Evault for 165 mil a few years ago and Carbonite's paying a total cash buyout of 14 mil isn't much). The real question is if the companies are working as 2 quasi or separate entities (owned by Carbonite). If Evault has enough cash revenue; then it would be nice to see both companies do well and grow. And under Seagate's ownership; Evault has shorter staff than what's needed. Since more staff is needed (for Evault) and existing staff is available; wouldn't it be easier or also convenient to work to fold over existing assets and people to work with the new Evault product (and thus keeping existing talent to then work on the future products that Carbonite now owns)?

Just wishful thinking but all the best and happy Holidays & New Year!

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