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possible buyout of kenan /transport services specialty group

over the last few months enterprise products have been purchasing equipment, environmental impact and soil sampling of terminals that was previously run by enterprise. transport service has been harrassing drivers that run for enterprise over various rules that kenan has.kenan owes enterprise ovey 500 million dollars or better which has to be paid by feb 1st 2016. kenan doesnt have that money to pay them and the spg division of transport service has been offered for sale to enterprise for pennies on the dollar. per new investment group that as bought a large portion kenan advantage group. regional manager greg richard has been harrassing drivers , dispatchers, maintenance personnel for the last few months with small inappropriate company rule violations , many drivers are on the verge of packing up and leaving but are trying to hold out until the change takes place. only reason they are harrassing drivers is because of the buyout . they do not have the frieght base they used to have due to poor customer service and there are drivers that have been at home for weeks due to lack of work, transport service regional manager knows when enterprise comes back is job is on the line, he was fired from younger brothers and enterprise years ago for all the behaivior he is presenting right now.he doesnt take the blame for his mees up but he hires people that eventually end up being a scapegoat for his in effectiveness. later part of jan. or middle of feb, will show enterprise product taking back what they sold.

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The writing is on the wall. Enterprise and kag employees see it. Kag management spent 2weeks in Houston in negotiations with enterprise products . terminal managers have been leaving in droves. The terminal managers they hired to replace have either no experience in the trucking industry or are straight out of college. Kag has been mismanaging this sector of there business. They are in overdrive of devaluing the spg group causing owner ops and company drivers to leaving in droves. No new drivers have been coming on but they are average 2-6 drivers a week leaving the company. Its sad to say but seems there ideals of putting drivers first is a lie and is just another line of crap.

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Is this true or a rumor, that enterprise is taking back the chemical transport.

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