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Be very careful with this school - not sure about layoffs, but they will play you

They will promise everything and you will graduate with a lot of debt - once you graduate it'll be very hard if not impossible to find a decent job - also be careful with UOP and other for profit schools - Full Sail University too - they all are very expensive but they will not place you in a job where you'd be able to pay off 100K or more that you will owe them - just be careful please, my sister did this and her life is ruined

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Please keep in mind a college or university can not guarantee employment after graduation not even a traditional college/university. Everyone must do their leg work in finding employment. However, a college or university should be able to offer you resources or tools to help you be successful in finding employment.

Now let's talk about accreditation. Know the difference. There are two types of accreditation: National and Regional. National accreditation does not mean "nation wide." It's not a bad thing but National accreditation simply means institutions that offers vocational programs, technical programs or career programs. Regional accreditation simply means institutions that are academically oriented offering Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral or PhD. If you attend a Nationally accredited institution, your credits will not transfer to a traditional college or university, and definitely not, if you obtained a Certificate/Diploma. Platt is a nationally accredited institution. Is this a bad thing? Well, you decide. It depends on your career objectives. Are you planning to further your education? If so, why waste your time and money on a certificate that cannot take you anywhere?! Students make big mistakes getting one or two or even three certificates thinking they are going to make more money. I THINK NOT! What you are doing is putting yourself in debt with something that is useless unless your boss advised you to get a certificate to increase your pay BUT even so you will still compete with someone who has a degree. You are hurting yourself in the long run because you have accrued so much in Direct Federal Loans (aka: Stafford Loan) that now you don't have enough funds remaining to pursue your degree. A good admissions advisor or rep would let their student know that an undergraduate aggregate limit for Direct Federal Loans is $57, 500. THAT IS THE CAP!

You should not be in debt of $100K for school unless you earned your PhD or some kind Doctoral degree. If you or a student are in debt with student loans then I blame both the admissions rep and the student. I say admissions rep because they need to educate the student and have integrity and do what is in the best interest of student. I blame the student because he or she needs to do their research; also, they need to be knowledgeable. Usually students are in debt because (1) they jump from school to school; (2) they want to find a quicker way to get into a career so they buy into these commercials to get a Certificate within 7 to 10 months or a little more. Not knowing the Certificate will cost them an arm and a leg. A certificate is just learning the educational in the background in that field. (3) Students go into debt because all they want is the financial aid so they can buy a car or buy frivolous things. Financial aid is not for you to splurge; it's for your education and if the school have housing, the financial aid is for room (2) make sure jobs are requesting certificates; (3) make sure you are not spending a lot of money on a certificate program; (4) research what could the certificate do for you; (5) if you need to, just get ONE Certificate, that's all.

Long message but I hope it was helpful.

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