Thread regarding Premiere Global Services Inc. layoffs

Layoffs at PGi continue to be the biggest joke of the industry. Many have 15+ years of experience.

Does anyone believe the explanation for the lay off of these tenured employees? Wait, was any explanation given? How ironic that immediately following the mass lay offs many employees were forced to work overtime for weeks! Better yet, check out who's now hiring, PGi!

Executive Management along with Middle Management Minions continue on with their ineffective management style. Which is essentially, scare the life out of those that report to them, allow and in some instances encourage mistreatment of female employees, HR turn a blind eye to any reports of such activity, then finds a way to eliminate their position or lay off huge groups of employees. Many of the conversations with the oh so effective managers as well as HR have been documented, copies of IM, emails and yes recordings. We are currently in discussions with former employees to release this information to the public. Remember your words? Our group has seen and heard them.

PGi is a conferencing company masquerading as a software company. How can they expect their software products to be effective if they can't manage to get their billing software to bill out accurately? Unless the consistent over billing problems are built in.

For the employees that remain enjoy your occasional pizza courtesy of the big boys in ATL and the little boys without the backbone to point out where the system is broken. This group of idiots would rather watch their entire team go down in flames than risk the verbal assault from King Boland

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