Thread regarding Volt Information Sciences Inc. layoffs

VOLT is circling the bowl

Its an endless spiral: decreased revenue, followed by layoffs and cuts, resulting in decreased revenue and further cuts.

The recent round of layoffs, and the decisions made as to who was let go, had no basis or strategy behind them. No analysis or qualifying was done in terms of who was producing vs. who was not. It was arbitrary and devoid of any overall strategy or vision.

They basically let the older folks go.

As for the "VOLT is Great" post, previous this, really? Ask the folks in IT working 12, 14 and 20 hour days with no additional compensation or even comp time (is that even legal?) how great it is. Towards what? How is this going o increase revenue? What customer cares about which version of what software you are on? None. Its a vanity project and a money sink.

Morale is less than zero, upper management is completely disconnected from front lines.

Question: Why do all these people still working there (I no longer do) take orders from a person who owns a fund that purchased 2 million shares of VOLT stock at 13, only to take over and drive it to 6? Is this person a genius? I think perhaps his customers should be taking him to task.....outrageous decision making and a lot of money lost, this persons decision making ability should be questioned.

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He hasn't ever said he bought that much stock. You are bitter.

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He has never said he bought that much stock. You are bitter.

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