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Volt will be fine

VOLT is a strong company with a long tradition. Change is often difficult but necessary. These are difficult times, but they shall pass.

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Agree with the employee post that the best days of Volt are gone. Many that remain are looking for something else and can't get out fast enough. Look at all the competitors we have big and small. The smaller players are faster with better technology and tools to reach the market. Volt has been slow to change and had disasterous results for years. The solution needed is far beyond the capability of the current executive. Lack of strategy, poor performance, anemic results = Lower Stock Price. Harvard genious or Captin Obvious?

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blu haa so wrong... how do you know... ex employee let go with a mission to bash Volt shame on you

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Well that's really exciting since I just joined the team here in Southern California. But, I beg to differ with you I see some amazing talent here that I've never seen before and I've been here for months and in the industry for a long time. My Manager is the best well informed person I know and a leader in the industry. Sorry you are so jaded. Wonder if you were an underperformer???? Just saying... What was your role and which office did you work out of??? hummm what is your gain... negative person.... you have to ruin everything so sad.. step off

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As an employee I beg to differ. Volt bears zero resemblance to the company it once was - "strength" and Volt have long since parted ways.

A company's strength comes from three things:

1, A strong and growing list of satisfied customers. Volt's client list continues to erode.

2, Competent leadership. Volt has seen massive leadership churn over the last 5 years not to mention near constant restructuring (a sure sign that no one understands what's wrong or how to fix it.)

  1. A competent and committed workforce. A large percentage of the employees with something to offer have either left or been laid off leaving Volt with a pool of under motivated and / or under skilled workers. Morale is as low as I've ever seen it and lots of resumes are being updated.

Bottom line, with the exception of their most recent hires, Volt is being led by a small, well meaning team who have no business experience outside of a career at Volt. They have been promoted to position placing them way out of their depths and massively out of touch with industry best practices (and their troops on the front lines). Their decisions are often impulsive, reactionary, short-sighted, and with the addition of CEO Michael Dean decidedly investor-centric. I don't think you'll find anyone outside of the walled-off group of executive leadership that will say anything positive things about the company, its culture, their ability to serve the customer, or make a profit.

I don't see anyway for a company suffering from so many self-inflicted wounds, extraordinarily low morale, and lack of any coherent strategic vision bouncing back. They are desperately trying to rebuild to serve a marketplace that no longer exists and in my mind they no longer offer the marketplace anything of value.

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