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SunPower Layoffs (August 2016)

This is just starting folks, SunPower will be laying off through 2017. While 1,200 layoffs may be a lot this is just a tip of the iceberg that's about to hit us all. Werner's compass has never been too accurate but I have to say that he is completely lost right now and the ground is shifting almost quarterly.

We'd need someone who will have more vision and not being surrounded with a bunch of 'yes' men (and women who care only about bonuses and that new promo.

God help us all...

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promotion has been very elusive to those who have the guts to say no to "outsiders" hired as mgrs. why? because they choose people who can lick their a-- and secure their place as better than the rest. performance can easily be overrated to justify upgrades, (media values, eh?) just the same, it is easy to overlook homegrown talents, publicize errors and treat them as insignificant versus covering the big mistakes committed by these ousiders like hiring and wasting money (a lot!) on incompetent people. (e.g. trainings abroad, car plan) time to clean the mafia-management style! it is easy to detect them cluster them based on their previous employer prior sunpower.

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right on @3axc

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Best SPML days are fab 1 days! In and out of the Fab with a smile in your face :) Also inside the IPV hahaha!

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In fairness to rey. It was not his fault. The modco in mexico and europe is enough to serve global needs and cheaper than PH. Freight alone from PH to ROW is already expensive.

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Exactly! These sups are among those sinking the ship. All they do is ogle operators, sleep in meeting rooms, browse lazada, and bully optechs whose working their a-- off 5 days a week. Take all credits of their subordinates bright ideas. Sit on their asses all day. Do lunch/dinner out and still get paid a lot. F---

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The pressure for an even aggressive cost target will trigger continuous lay-off. This is a fact. There are lots of good suggestions here. I hope management will consider.

If we want to beat the chinese, we must do what they are doing.

Filipinos can do it, but Filipino leaders and expat must believe on the existing employees. They dont need to bring in a pack of wolves to run the company.

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I worked there for 7 years, the best times of this company. But after changing of the guards, too many expatriates were hired with perks like mansions in ayala alabang, guards, maids etc. their kids go to the most expensive schools. The company should get rid of these people doing nothing but monitor performance of the operations - we filipinos can do this. If the company wants to cut cost get rid of these expensive expatriates!!

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The time where the struggle starts at modco manufacturing is when rey mella took over together with some of his former colleagues from the outside and previous companies. That's wheren't called "closing management" for nothing. Wherever they go, sh-- happens and most people from the line of manufacturing suffers from working motivations to financial benefits.

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I been working in sunpower for almost a decade now and I witnessed all the changes happened inside, take note I work in the manufacturing line where the battle happens everyday. What make sunpower lost the game in solar arena? COST! too many Generals very few privates to fight the war. The cost cutting program was focused only at production department and the rest they lives a lavish lifestyle, To cut the story short there's a lot of redundant position in the offices wherein the manpower in manufacturing lines keeps on declining. Remember the salary of this dirty old bosses are 10 to 20 times or more than an average person working in the lines. And ohh the spwr stock price when i join the company was at 120 ish now its just bitten the dust off at 10...ha haha

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Thanks for the information. You are right; way too many managers and directors doing nothing but updating the quarterly goals. Of course, they always meet the goals. But, look at the numbers. Someone please look into what the directors and managers are actually doing other than being yes men and women.

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