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Exec leadership was not overly involved in the list of those released.

The who was identified by upper mid mgmt with little cross checking to performance. This left those making the decision with a lot of latitude, which was exercised.

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The idea that "Executive leadership was not overly involved" in making/influencing decisions is not consistent with reality. Executives were involved in making decisions on key roles and reductions. The comment highlights one of the fundamental problems facing Volt, which is having accountable leadership that takes responsibility for results including failure. Reductions in workforce are unpleasant at every level, for the individuals impacted, those left running departments, and the individual contributors left dealing with change and increased stress. There are many fair comments posted here. Unfortunately, the company has drifted the last year and a half under the current Executive that has communicated a textbook need for change but paralyzed organization progress with a lack of decision making and delayed basic investments in people and initiatives that directly impact successful growth.

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"Dr. Gates thinks that too often organizations going through a transformational change process do not provide opportunity for employees to prove themselves. He says they often assume reorganization (the process of changing titles and reporting structures) will, in and of itself produce different results." "For a long time," Dr. Gates says, "I've felt that leaders whose first instinct is to reorganize everything- to get out the organizational chart and move the boxes around before they do anything else- don't really understand what's wrong with the organization or how to fix it."

"Reorganization has an immediate, negative impact on morale."

They don't know what's wrong with Volt so there is no possible way they can change it around because no one has asked the front line people, the actual "hands" that run the ship what are the issues. This place is horrid, most of the mgmt here is only concerned about saving their jobs. Not the people, not the company. There is no synergy among departments and exec mgmt (directors and VP's) like to keep it that way. Imagine if the people actually came together and start talking to one another. They would know the directors are pitting one department against the other. Keeping their jobs is the very thing destroying Volt. Make them tear down the facade! Volt will fall, it's a matter of when and who will benefit from it, surely not the people.

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