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Good old boy network - beware - layoffs

If you are 50 or above, beware. Even with good reviews, Hitachi will find a way to get rid of you if they want. Last layoff at one location, all we're above the age of 40. One was in the 20s and was dismissed for poor performance even though with last review there was no mention to him that he was performing below expectations. Neither was there a plan put in place to monitor and perhaps help him as is standard practice. They also have been known to lay people off in good standing and then immediately hire someone that they prefer more--even though to my knowledge, this is illegal. Depending upon location, the good old boy network may exist.

Work life balance can be good, however, if you work almost entirely remotely, you may be easy pickings to be let go. This is because since you are not seen frequently in an office, you probably will be have less of an impact on the remaining employees when dismissed. At meetings cover ups that people are laid off is common--the inference being that you went somewhere else -- perhaps another job.

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Yes, that's the Hitachi Consulting I know. Good ole' boys network. Run for your life, every person save their own hide.

Hitachi Consulting will ghost your hours, criticize your performance, rewards the ones liked by management and the lay you off with some lame excuse. Had enough of them.

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