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How Epiq uses and abuses contractors

My experience with Epiq began in the beginning of summer of this year, I had on interview with three individuals for the TPM position. Curiously enough, most interview questions were about interpersonal skills, rather then my operational background, which I found odd. After I was offered the job, I understood, that I wasn't hired as a Operations Manager, I was hired to heal the broken interdepartmental relationships management was responsible for.

I was trained for about 2-3 weeks, when it was convenient for the team leads, thrown in to the toughest case in the building, and they washed their hands of me so to speak.

I worked long hours, until 11 PM at times, and would come in as early as 5:30 AM to ensure a good progress of the project I was entrusted with. Weekend work was also very customary, even though they will tell you in your interview otherwise.

Pay is sub par, they hire you for the duration of whatever project they need you on and once the details are ironed out, they will let you go. BEWARE, once you opened most SRs and the case goes on autopilot so to speak they no longer need you.

Also, Epiq is a company where you will park very far, and by far I mean a good 15-20 minute walk, all the while FTE's enjoy their close by parking spots, they will also promise you a parking spot shortly, but in reality it may take up to a year.

A full time position is unattainable, and they have a massive wait list for that, it is not unheard of to spend two years at this company, in the hopes of receiving FTE, and be cut in the process.

DO NOT ASK FOR A RAISE AS A CONTRACTOR, that is how you get let go, I was personally on a very difficult case, didn't feel like I was told the truth in the beginning, and therefore asked for a lot less than I should have. Well, I asked for a raise on Monday through my staffing agency, and was let go with no warning and no fault on Tuesday.

If you like a High School environment, of unprofessional people with no hope of ever attaining a FTE, this is a perfect place.

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Epiq is an embarrassment to all legitimate businesses and those that respect and do the right thing. I am actually a customer and the lack of effort from employees baffles me. But, after researching online all the negative reviews, I get it now. Businesses lead by greedy incompetent management and owners will always fall or maximize potential. The basic things these people do like not returning calls or emails regarding important issues is embarrassing.

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Advice to current employees, get off this sinking ship while you still can. After the merger, you've seen the ridicolous "benefits" - or lack there of- they are offering to FTE's. You know your future with this joke of a company is uncertain, do yourself a favor, and get your life back. No, it is not normal to have to work those crazy hours for that ammount of pay, ditch the sweatshop and join the world again.

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I failed to mention the most important part in my post:

Management at Epiq Systems in Beaverton, OR likes to pick on WOMEN. Their rate of layoffs amongst women is significantly higher than men, even though only 33% of their workforce are women.

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