Thread regarding Walden University layoffs

Walden University Class Action. Federal Trade Commission.

I see NBC News investigated Walden University and found a group of students, mostly women, several women of color, whose lives have been ruined by Walden. The segment here says there is a class action currently coming together.

If anyone knows who to contact for the class action, please let me know.

Beyond that story, I have found several former Walden University Ph.D. students who have been harmed by crushing debt (between $90K and $160K).

I have also discovered that Walden University is using false and misleading tactics similar to the ones that got Devry into trouble. Walden can take the ads down, but I have already sent the information to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The ads look very similar to what got Devry in trouble.

If you know of any fraudulent or misleading marketing or enrollment practices that Walden has done, please email the FTC. The contact is Brian Shull (

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New article in the Chronicle of Higher Education titled "Election Casts Spotlight on an Unusual For-Profit With Global Ambitions." In it there was a reference to Walden University"

"Joseph Haefner, a reliability engineer at the medical-technology company Medtronic, recently gave up after six years of trying to earn a doctorate at Walden. Mr. Haefner holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering and statistics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he also has taught statistics. He said he had come to Walden hoping to find an institution friendly to working professionals that gave credit for existing expertise. Instead, Mr. Haefner said, he found an environment of low-quality instructors that wasted student tuition by dragging out the doctoral process. Several other Walden students have filed suit making similar claims. Mr. Haefner said he had declined to join them, out of concern for the potential costs, and would not return to Walden even if it offered to try again. 'I don’t trust them,' he said."

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