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Veritiv moving Boston area operations to CT.

Veritiv moving Boston area operations to CT. As part of a consolidation with an existing plant which means hundreds of layoffs expected early next year.

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I worked for UWW for 22 yrs.... back in the day before Georgia Pacific bought em...... they have been “restructuring” for at least 20 years now and they will continue to do so until they close the doors. I wore every hat you can at the Division level. Back then it had many good people at the Division level.... no way to go into it all here but if you’re working there now and want control of your future you should do what I did in 2012 and just walk out.... GET OUT NOW....all management cares about there is their own job and a golden parachute..... The train is leaving the station folks, let it go.

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It s---s but. The rules here no one follows anyways

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