Thread regarding Royal Bank of Canada layoffs

Legal Department Layoffs

Have a friend who lost his job after 10 years at RBC in the Legal department...

I hope their severance is generous. Summer is always a tough time to find a new gig...

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Yes, he got a decent package. About 8 months.

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@ghq Fall can be good too as folks are rushing to fill open job requisitions before the Q4 starts - as I hiring manager, that's my experience.

I am not with the company but I work for a competitor here in Toronto. I wish you all the best, given the size of the company this cut is not as big as the media (at least here in Canada) is trying to portray it.

Now, granted, if you are let go it's a major event for you nonetheless.

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That's unfortunate. Usually banks provide good serverance packages but I haven't had one in 20 years. Back then they were quite generous. Probably not now since greed, corruption, exploitation and predatory capitalism are the new normal.

Summer is the 2nd best time to find work. Spring the best. Fall is the worst followed by winter, mainly due to department budgets and fiscal year timing... generally speaking.

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