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Bonanza is full of problems

BC is poorly run, has financial problems, hires so-called experts to decide who to run company and how and then end up letting the lap dog of the maggot office decide who to let go--eitght people he didn't like. So why pay thousands for Experts? Oh yeah, so he wouldn't seem to be uninvolved. More financial waste! Now there's no professionals at all running the operation, not even a degreed engineer, really not professionals at anything, deciding what's doable or dangerous! There have been some cover-ups and probably more to come cause the home office hasn't known what's going on for a long time anyway--and they haven't asked or spoken with anyone but the maggot heading up the maggot office! Catch him if you can! They need to sell the southern office and let someone run it that knows what they're doing, but now it's becoming worth less and less as an asset!

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More truth than you realize at the Magnolia operation..for the pumpers left we have 60 wells each and impossible feat to look over on daily basis. Well work is a joke with inexperienced BCEI people supervising one well consultant. Do not think they have any engineer support from home office.

Accident waiting to happen. I pray for operation to be sold to someone that has money to operate respectable team oriented company and stop the back stabbing...

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