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Dayton Layoffs (Avery Dennison)

I am surprised that we do not have more posts here - I guess folks are just too concerned or indiferent to write here. I see numerous other companies have thriving boards with 100s of messages yet here, regardless of layoffs in Dayton, we have silence. Hmmm, not sure how to interpret this - Avery Dennison has changed and things are not the same if compared to 10 years ago when I joined.

Good luck to all...

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Dayton Avery Dennison has chosen to cut corners too much. The quality of their manufacturing has fallen, the staff that has cared the most about the quality of the products they've made have quit due to infighting with management, hostile and toxic work environments and more. Swearing in meetings and at people, employees on phones playing Pokemon, and all around general disdain for management.

People's work place accidents are questioned as if they happened at home and not work, jobs threatened, harassment, bias, discrimination based on gender and orientation, among other things... all make working at Avery Dennison Dayton a gem of a place to be.

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