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We know who will not get the boot

BAE Systems is bursting with nepotism. You have talented people worrying about being laid off when subpar employees can just laugh it off because their husband/wife/family member/friend has their back.

Those same people have been hired in the first place and even promoted over qualified people with experience. We have lost good people to this numerous times, who have decided it was not worth waiting for their turn that will apparently never come.

This company needs to clean up its management, start laying off people who are not contributing, and promoting those who deserve it. Then maybe we’ll be able to move forward.

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You have hit the hammer squarely on the head. After over 20 years there I saw the writing on the wall and left with a voluntary buyout. It's the worst big–boy/girl network I have ever seen in any company of any size. They ought to be thoroughly investigated by ACLU, and the DOJ for violating the laws about laying off people over 40 because they do it with impunity.

Everyone over 40 who got laid off should get reparations whether they signed any agreements or not. That is their typical ploy. They give everyone 2 weeks severance and, if you sign your life away they give you another week for every year you have worked there. This should not be grounds for dismissing any legitimate lawsuits about age discrimination. I have heard that they have quietly settled such lawsuits before. Well, the DOJ ought to investigate them and bar them from any further government contracts until they make it good with all the people they have screwed over the years. Where to get the money? How about all of the over–compensated high level managers there. They have Directors with no reports – many of them, and other manager that aren't managing anything. Only at BAE Systems will you see that.

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