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Enough is enough

Okay, I'm so tired of being forced to harass people into signing up for credit that I have to vent somewhere.

Stein Mart has switched its focus from sales to pushing Credit Cards, which makes absolutely no sense. I've seen some of my coworkers badger customers for so long that I know for a fact they will never return to the store. We lose so many customers like this, and nobody seems to care.

Not to mention getting penalized and yelled at if you don't have enough applications. I refuse to harass my customers! Is that such a bad thing today?

I'm truly sick and tired of this, and so are our customers. If management gave at least a sliver of attention to actual sales as it does to Credit Card apps, we might actually be able to stay in business. Like this, I'm pretty sure our days are numbered. /rant

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I work at Steinmart, and credit cards or no , we are doomed. As they say, "the times, they are a changing."

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No one makes money selling actual items all profit comes from the cards

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