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ePlus Technology laying off all the top earners

Since January 2018, ePlus Technologies have been culling all of their top earning pre-sales and technical support folks who have resisted negotiating new packages.

As a result, much business which was tied to skilled individuals has walked out the door also leaving certification challenges to some brands requiring skills and certifications to qualify for additional back end discounts.

It would appear the CEO is being somewhat overzealous on the old chopping block.

The standard story handed out to those culled was there was simply "no budget" to pay their salary.

This one mandates a round of Taitinger 75 in a worthy salute to the sheer gall of it all.

Some people have served there faithfully for 15 years, emphatically proving that trust is only a one way street in Herndon.

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I has since been revealed that their Chief Strategy (sic) officer is the mo--n behind all of these antics and a fine mess he's got them into at this point!! 137 plus fine skilled souls out the door there.....

Marron the mo--n and the chief strategy mo--n, sounds kinda catchy......

Maybe they want to change the grade scale and company name from e+ to mo--n Minus???

Now there's a trendy stock name!!

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It's frankly astounding how their stock price maintains its level while Marron drives this company into the ground. I mean seriously, what value do they offer a customer exactly??


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The latest news is 20% cuts every quarter the next three quarters.

Some customers canceled contacts when staff deploying new projects were laid off before delivery while projects were under way.

An interesting way to slim down the books pre acquisition....

Hope them boys in Herndon have stiff medication, looks like it will be in use sooner rather than later.

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Their stupid way of using VIP discount dollar to stiff their AE's to pay the sales engineers and tech staff came to bite their silly dumb--sess big time when the VIP dollar scene died on the vine.

Now they're trying to hire top talent for stupid low money in a strong market for employees.

Probably be hiring a ton of effectively useless millennial girly men as a result of politically correct insanity seen in Herndon of late.

Some people just never learn. Still, now maybe they don't need to hide the VIP dollar in Dynamix et al, they can now switch to SFDC and start doing things properly?

Unlikely but we live in eternal hope.....

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