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Creative Channel WAKEUP - 2018

Dear Executives,

The company experienced layoffs last week. The group impacted the most was the field services group "demolished" as we say in the corp office. Many of us and I SAY MANY OF US are freaked out what the hell is going on with this company!

Andy CEO - You need to start taking control of this company. When CCS lost the LG contract you went MIA for weeks. You said NOTHING. WHO DOES THIS! You are the CEO! You need to step up and take action. You need to stop CONNECT THE DOTS and refocus on running this company! Treat this like the company that it is...a company that is struggling. We are people that need our paychecks. KTS - Turn these weekly meetings on how YOU will earn the trust back from your employees. Show us what you do daily to turn the company around. All executives should attend live versus hiding behind a web cam. Executives should also work at the office 5 days a week. We do! Right now the impression is executives do nothing besides work from home and earn big paychecks! Think about it, do we know what you do, NO! Just show up on web cam and thumbs up on Yammer is what we see. Mike you are excluded you work hard and daily at the office.

We are worried and many of us are deciding if we should find other jobs. Its been noticed during cuts the executives are always safe. When will you be held accountable FOR THIS STRUGGLING COMPANY? Do you care about your employees or just protecting your 200K salaries and cut everyone else? This is how many of us feel after struggle, layoffs, struggles, layoffs. Other agencies in the building are thriving but us!

I am speaking for a large number of people who are afraid to say anything. We are concerned we may end up without a job next. We are not making the BIG MONEY LIKE you make. We get no raises, bonuses, reviews, so why should we stay and wait for the next layoff? Show us you care and be REAL with us. STOP hiding and pretending we are some big healthy fancy company. We are NOT. Take action FOR GOD SAKE! WE NEED OUR JOBS!

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The real problem with Creative channel Services is the executives. BINGO. They are driven by their LARGE SALARIES. I MEAN LIKE BIG. All 5 executive make a minimum of 230k A YEAR. Dorks released the salaries on accident and was passed around to ALL the employees. LOL There are VP that are butt kissers to protect their salaries. Those folks range around 150K. The rest of us make sh--

THEY WILL LAYOFF ANYONE TO SAVE THEIR LARGE SALARIES. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR EMPLOYEES. You would think by now the company would reduce their executive from 5 down to maybe 2 or 3. The CFO and COO makes sense. Everyone else nobody knows what they do besides collect a big paycheck.

NO RAISES, NO BONUSES NOTHING. WHY BECAUSE THE EXECUTIVES GET THEIR BIG PAY CHECK AND CARE ABOUT NOBODY ELSE. They can simply cut one executive, trust me a few can be cut, and give some bonuses to us low paying employees. I job hunting right now so hopefully I will not get laid off soon.

The large companies like BDS, Premium, MarketSource, are taking their business away. LOL COMPANIES come and go because CCS cannot compete with the big players in the industry.

I worked at HQ and see it all. I am on the grown floor where I can ear and see the mess daily.

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UPDATE: Thanks for the support from my co-workers who read my thread today. Executive COO should be acknowledged for his efforts in his role. I would like to exclude him from the list along with CFO. CFO mad props for hitting the street daily and being a nice guy. The rest of the executives you will remain on the WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DO list. I did not know the peeps laid off but the VP at the office. He was a cool guy who gave 100% and worked his a-- off. Enough is enough we will continue to call out everyone until CCS turns around and we feel our jobs are somewhat secure.

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